Shippensburg University is pleased to announce the opening of its new School of Engineering in the College of Arts and Sciences. The school, known previously as the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, is now home to three separate departments including the Department of Computer Science; the Department of Computer, Electrical and Software Engineering; and the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

“The creation of the separate departments will allow the individual programs to grow as needed. The school structure creates efficiencies through the sharing resources. Our programs are each unique, but everyone benefits from the connections between them,” said Dr. Carol Wellington, director of the School of Engineering.

Ship’s first engineering program, computer engineering, opened in 2011 and the most recent addition, civil engineering, was approved in 2018.

The creation of these programs is a direct response to forecasted needs for engineers in the Commonwealth. Ship’s programs prepare students to immediately enter the workforce by blending the teaching of theory with hands-on experience.

Funding is approved and work will begin soon to convert Ship’s former steam plant into the new home of the School of Engineering.

Meet Ford Lab’s software engineer, Chris Boyer ’18, and hear how Ship helped him stand out with his new employer: