Five faculty members from the Department of Political Science participated virtually in the annual meeting of the Northeast Political Science Association from November 11 – 13, 2021 (

Dr. Lonce Bailey, associate professor, chaired the Jerry Mileur Panel on the Future of the Parties.

Dr. Alison Dagnes, professor, chaired the panel:  Authors Meet Critics:  At War with Government How Conservatives Weaponized Distrust from Goldwater to Trump.  Dr. Dagnes also served as a panelist for the session, A Tribute to Garrison Nelson.

Dr. Sara Grove, professor, served as the section chair for the Politics and History section.  Dr. Grove presented the paper, From Silent Protest to Vulgar Post:  Student Free Speech Rights Following Mahanoy School District v. B.L.  She also served as the chair and discussant for the panel, Identity and Institution Formation. 

Dr. Steven Lichtman, associate professor, presented the paper — Subverting the Pyramid:  The European Super League and the Cross-Pollination of American and European Sports Values.  He was the discussant on the panel, The Evolving Judiciary. 

Dr. Mark Sachleben, professor, served as the section chair for the Politics and Popular Culture section.  He also presented his research, Exploration, History, and Identity Formation:  Semiotic Representations and Political Socialization.  Dr. Sachleben served as chair for the panel, Laws, Norms, and Governance; he was the discussant on the panel, Roles, Identity and Democracy.  Dr. Sachleben participated in the roundtable on The COVID Pandemic and the Effects on the Discipline.