Senior history major Peyton Bramble spent her summer interning with Caring for Textiles, an organization specializing in textile conservation, repairs and restoration for clients locally, nationally and internationally. In November her work was placed on display in Frederick, Maryland’s City Hall.

Bramble worked on several restoration projects over the summer including the 1860’s Civil War-era flag owned by the city of Frederick. She recently visited to see her restoration installed in City Hall.

While she was excited to see her worked so prominently featured, she said the experience she gained this summer was the real reward.

“Over the course of my month with Caring for Textiles, I learned many hand sewing and conservation techniques that I got to apply to a variety of textile artifacts,” said Bramble.

She also gained experience networking with clients. While many clients are from museums and public collections, Caring for Textiles also serves clients looking to have personal items preserved and restored. Part of that work involves clearly explaining the process and gaining their trust.

“I got to see so many amazing pieces that had been passed down from generation to generation. You don’t always think about it too much. I got to learn a lot on those days and it was also really fun to hear the family lore behind those pieces,” she explained.

She views her internship experience as a “safety net” that allowed her to learn in a real world setting as she continues her education. It’s an education she said fully prepared her for work at Caring for Textiles. From her coursework to an internship in the university’s Fashion Archives and Museum she is thankful for the network of support she found at Ship.

“I never truly knew what I wanted to do with my life until I got here, and afterward, everything just made real sense for the first time. It has given me the basics and then some in order to go out in the world and succeed in the museum field,” she added.