This story was first published and release by the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition.

Kindness is defined as “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” Genuine kindness expressed through daily living has the potential to change lives by making individuals feel cared for. The “be kind.” movement brings awareness of the importance of kindness in everyone’s lives during the month of February. Local school districts, like Chambersburg, and even schools on an international level, have a similar kindness campaign. Shippensburg started participating in 2020. The Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition (SCRC) collaborates with the local school district, the middle school’s Teen Leadership Club and Shippensburg University’s Wellness program to implement a kindness campaign for young people and the community at large.

#ShipBeKind encourages Shippensburg residents and students to carry out acts of kindness in our community. As such, on February 16, 2021, the Shippensburg Borough Council passed Resolution 21-003 declaring February as ShipBeKind month, stating that “during the month of February, the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition, in collaboration with the Shippensburg Area Middle School Teen Leadership Club, encourages the Shippensburg Community to be friendly, generous, and considerate…It is asked of all Shippensburg Borough residents to come together to spread positivity throughout the community.”

The Teen Leadership Club created a calendar for the month of February with Kindness Challenges to complete each day of the week. You can find the calendar on our website: We kick-off the month with a Kindness Tribute: Who taught you to be kind? Tell the person who taught you to be kind, “Thank you!” On Fridays, wear your #BeKind apparel and post a picture of yourself on social media with #ShipBeKind. This is a great way to also remind others to #BeKind. Social Media Saturdays encourage you to make different social media posts about kindness and share using #ShipBeKind.

The Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition (SCRC) is a collaborative effort to provide quality social services and youth programs that are accessible and safe and that recognize the dignity and worth of each person. Our goal is to help community members reach their full potential.

The Shippensburg Area Middle School’s Teen Leadership Club is led by school counselor, Angie McKee. It develops adolescents into empowered leaders. Discussion topics are focused on: integrity, listening, and giving directions, examining stereotypes, communication, assertiveness, and other leadership skills. The group also participates in monthly community service activities.

Shippensburg University’s Wellness Program provides programming, educational resources, and individual supportive services focused on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. The Ship Wellness Program is a strong supporter of community and interpersonal wellness, and believes that kindness is one of the cornerstones that allows relationships and communities to grow and thrive. The Ship Wellness Program will be working directly with the SCRC to raise awareness of Kindness Month, promote a variety of activities and programs focused on kindness.

For more information about “be kind.”, contact SCRC at (717) 477-1961 or by e-mail