Beginning Monday, September 12, 2022, the SU Department of Public Safety (DPS) will conduct evacuation drills in all academic and administrative buildings. Your responsibility begins with an understanding of your building layout, which ensures all occupants are able to safely evacuate through the nearest egress route(s). If applicable during an evacuation, check areas of refuge and notify SUPD/Fire/EMS of any person(s) needing assistance during an evacuation. 

To minimize class disruption, the majority of the scheduled drills will be held during the final five minutes of class periods. 


Upon sounding of a fire alarm, all building occupants (students, faculty, and staff) are to evacuate the building as quickly as possible following the procedures listed below: 

    • If time and conditions permit, occupants should close all doors and windows (do not lock doors, unless for security purposes). 
    • Use the nearest available exit. Exits may not be ones you are used to using on a daily basis. All participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their nearest exit prior to drill. You may be contacted if occupants have questions regarding building exits. 
    • When on floors above ground level, always use stairways to exit the building (DO NOT USE ELEVATORS)
    • DO NOT congregate around exterior doors, or on sidewalks and roadways. 
    • Do not re‑enter the building under any circumstances, even if the alarm has ceased ringing, until directed to do so by University Police or first responders. 
    • Individuals with disabilities should be directed to the nearest stair tower until after the drill is over.  

Building Coordinators, faculty, and supervisory personnel are responsible for enforcing these procedures. In addition, they should make a cursory examination of the building and its accessible areas (e.g., in classrooms, labs, offices, restrooms, etc.) to ensure that all persons have been evacuated safely.
Enclosed is the schedule of fire drills for all academic and administrative buildings for the fall semester.  Exact times have been omitted to ensure an element of surprise.  Please make this information available to all employees

All schedules are final, please plan accordingly to ensure minimal classroom disruptions. 















September              12 


CHAPEL                        AM 

WRI                                  AM 

SNH                                   PM 

SH/RH                              PM 

SGS                                    PM 



September              13 


FSC                                    AM 

MA                                    AM 

HFH                                   AM 

LL                                        PM 

SRB                               PM 


September              14 


CUB                                  AM 

GH                                     AM 

DHC/MCT                        PM 

OM                                    PM 

REI                                 PM 


September              15 


HG                                     AM 

KRI                                AM  

STH                                   AM 

ROC                                   PM 

CONF                                PM 


September              16 


HH                                     AM 

GRH                                  AM 

HAC                              PM 

PAC                               PM 

HMW                            PM 



OM  Old Main  REI  Reisner Dining Hall 
MA  Memorial Auditorium  KRI  Kriner Dining Hall 
DHC  Dauphin Humanities Center  HFH  Heiges Field House 
CUB  Ceddia Union Building  FSC  Franklin Science Center 
GH  Gilbert Hall  SNH  Shippen Hall/Luhrs 
GRH  Grove Hall  SH/RH  Shearer/Rowland Halls 
HG  Henderson Gym  SGS  Seth Grove Stadium 
LL  Lehman Library  HH  Horton Hall 
STH  Stewart Hall  HAC  Huber Art Center 
ROC  Reed Operations Center  MCT  Math & Computer Technology 
WRI  Wright Hall  CHA  Interfaith Chapel 
PAC  Performing Arts Center  CONF  Conference Center 
SRB  Student Rec Building  HMW  Hoffman Mills Warehouse 


AM            – BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8:00 AM AND 12:00 PM