Dr. Dhiman Chattopadhyay, assistant professor of Communications, Journalism and Media, has release a new book titled “Indian journalism and the impact on social media.”

The book is a pan-Indian study that examines social media’s impact on Indian journalism. Throughout the book Chattopadhyay highlights emerging challenges and discusses the way forward for India’s newsroom. The book was the result of three years of field work, using mixed methods research including a survey of nearly 300 journalists from 15 Indian cities, followed by in-depth interviews with 25 senior editors to understand journalists’ perceptions about social media’s usefulness and credibility.

The findings and the conclusions will hopefully help journalists, educators, and anyone interested in Indian journalism gain a deeper, more meaningful understanding about social media’s impact on Indian journalism, and the way ahead for India’s newsrooms.

“This outstanding book offers an important, in-depth look at how social media affect journalism in the world’s largest democracy. It’s a must-read for anybody interested in how journalists around with world cope with the challenges of digital news and information,” said Lars Willnat, John Ben Snow Research Professor, Syracuse University.

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