On Saturday, December 16, Shippensburg University hosted its 2023 winter graduate commencement ceremony at the Luhrs Performing Arts Center. Candidates for diplomas included 249 individuals.

Check out the ceremony photos! 

*This listing is not an official indication of graduation. The SU diploma or an official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers,  is the official testimony of the conferring of a degree. 

Cayden M. Beard BS PA – Adams
Kyleigh Dillon BA PA – Adams
Adalyne L. Graybill BA PA – Adams
Alicia E. Lau BSW PA – Adams
Aimee N Metz BSED PA – Adams
Olivia M. Poole BSED PA – Adams
Michael Rayo-Vazquez BSBA PA – Adams
Caden M. Rosenberry BS PA – Adams
Emily Sanders BSED PA – Adams
Austin R. Staub BS PA – Adams
Michaella R. Sturdivant BSED PA – Adams
Jacob A. Yealy BS PA – Adams
Holly E. Zaminski BS PA – Adams
Arianna R. Harr BSBA PA – Bedford
Morgan L. Robison BA PA – Bedford
Shanon G Zelanko BSED PA – Bedford
Dawson K. Blatt BSBA PA – Berks
Matt Feeney BSBA PA – Berks
Austin B. Funk BSBA PA – Berks
Alexis K. Knoll BA PA – Berks
Garrett E. Zary BS PA – Berks
Alex M. James BS PA – Blair
Abigail K. Birtchet BSED PA – Bucks
Colt F. Bower BA PA – Bucks
Zack K. Day BS PA – Bucks
Chisom N Ifeanyi BS PA – Bucks
Elias A. Ortiz BS PA – Bucks
Alexis I. Rodriguez BSBA PA – Bucks
Kenneth M. Grumski BSBA PA – Butler
Morgan L Bennett BSBA PA – Cambria
Kaitlyn O. Townsend BS PA – Cambria
Kaitlyn O. Townsend UCRT PA – Cambria
Bryce Fisher BA PA – Centre
Bryce Alexis BA PA – Chester
Alexis D. Gift BSED PA – Chester
Jennifer M. Gildner BA PA – Chester
Joshua D. Hulton BSBA PA – Chester
Casey E. Knipe BSED PA – Chester
Grace McIlhenny BS PA – Chester
Brendan J. Moerman BSBA PA – Chester
Leah Moffitt BS PA – Chester
Elliott C. Turocy BSBA PA – Chester
Emilie E. Digiacomo BSW PA – Columbia
Nicole C. Alfaro BA PA – Cumberland
Brooke S. Basehore BS PA – Cumberland
Sydney A. Bennett BSED PA – Cumberland
Anna M. Bilz BS PA – Cumberland
Dominic Bornman BSW PA – Cumberland
Jody L. Burdge BS PA – Cumberland
Jada N. Carr BS PA – Cumberland
Natalie I Conrad BSED PA – Cumberland
Adam J. Cornman BS PA – Cumberland
Sam L. Cuomo BSBA PA – Cumberland
Dianna Davis BS PA – Cumberland
Natalia B. DeLaRosa-Martell BS PA – Cumberland
Elizabeth Errico BSED PA – Cumberland
Anna T Gewiss BSBA PA – Cumberland
Joelle M. Godwin BS PA – Cumberland
Kelsie Hallahan BSED PA – Cumberland
Ebla A. Hassan BSW PA – Cumberland
William B. Imhoff BS PA – Cumberland
Reshma Kafley BS PA – Cumberland
Lauren Mays BSED PA – Cumberland
Nathani Mieres BSBA PA – Cumberland
John W. Miller BS PA – Cumberland
John W. Miller UCRT PA – Cumberland
Mohamed A. Mohamed BA PA – Cumberland
Aiden J. Moll BSBA PA – Cumberland
Megan E. OBrien BSBA PA – Cumberland
Shawn M. Orner BS PA – Cumberland
Cydney R Perry BS PA – Cumberland
Cydney R Perry UCRT PA – Cumberland
Janizabeth Quinonez BSBA PA – Cumberland
Janizabeth Quinonez UCRT PA – Cumberland
Madyson L. Rosenberry BS PA – Cumberland
Patrick B. Schild BS PA – Cumberland
Ashley M. Shumaker BSED PA – Cumberland
Gabrielle E. Silvious BSED PA – Cumberland
Jordan T. Smith BSBA PA – Cumberland
Michael R. Smith BSBA PA – Cumberland
Taylor R. Smith BA PA – Cumberland
Samuel R Spears BS PA – Cumberland
Ari Swartz BSBA PA – Cumberland
Cole Thayer BSBA PA – Cumberland
Kaitlyn N. Thompson BSED PA – Cumberland
Clowi P Tonkin BA PA – Cumberland
Iain C. Turner BS PA – Cumberland
Donavan T. Wallace BA PA – Cumberland
Michael J. Whitsel BA PA – Cumberland
Madison A. Wickard BSED PA – Cumberland
Rena R Wilson BSED PA – Cumberland
Braxton O. Witmer BS PA – Cumberland
Braxton O. Witmer UCRT PA – Cumberland
Catherine G. Bingaman BSED PA – Dauphin
Serena J Herrington BSW PA – Dauphin
Gavyn P. Hoffman BSBA PA – Dauphin
London M. Johnson BS PA – Dauphin
Cristina S Ledesma BSW PA – Dauphin
Daniel M. Mazus BSBA PA – Dauphin
Daniel M. Mazus BS PA – Dauphin
Jennifer B. Peisner BA PA – Dauphin
Corinne R. Proitte BSED PA – Dauphin
Richie Sykes BSBA PA – Dauphin
Sara N. Gigl BA PA – Delaware
Cori M. Winters BSED PA – Elk
Nate Bard BS PA – Franklin
Nate Bard UCRT PA – Franklin
Ashley P. Bawell BA PA – Franklin
Cory Blasdell BS PA – Franklin
Faith R. Brandt BS PA – Franklin
Amber N Brown BSBA PA – Franklin
Ryley O Coldsmith BSBA PA – Franklin
Kole S. Cornman BSED PA – Franklin
Lydia R. Crist BSED PA – Franklin
Heriberto Espinosa BSBA PA – Franklin
Michael T. Eyler BS PA – Franklin
Nic Geedy BSBA PA – Franklin
Kiley I George BSED PA – Franklin
Aiden N. Howard BA PA – Franklin
Tanner B. Hunt BSBA PA – Franklin
Kirsten B. Johnson BS PA – Franklin
Jonathan K. Keckler BA PA – Franklin
Molly A. Keefer BS PA – Franklin
Alisha L Kennedy BSED PA – Franklin
Bryce A. Kibbe BS PA – Franklin
Steven C. Kratz BA PA – Franklin
Daris M. Leonardo BA PA – Franklin
Jesse Lippincott BA PA – Franklin
Tyler E. Luther BS PA – Franklin
Micah A. Lysiak BSED PA – Franklin
Cassie V. Mackey BA PA – Franklin
Michaela Magners BA PA – Franklin
Justin T Maxwell BSBA PA – Franklin
Isabella E. McMaster BSED PA – Franklin
Seth B. Pearson BSBA PA – Franklin
Dylan J. Poffenberger BSBA PA – Franklin
Griffin D. Redding BSBA PA – Franklin
Hailey O Rhone BSED PA – Franklin
Zach C. Slodysko BS PA – Franklin
Paige R Stanley BS PA – Franklin
Logan C. Steenstra BSBA PA – Franklin
Rachel A Verhoef BS PA – Franklin
Ian Weikel BA PA – Franklin
Ian Weikel UCRT PA – Franklin
Brenden J. Lupey BSED PA – Fulton
Quincy L. McMath BSED PA – Fulton
Dayton A. Pelton BS PA – Fulton
Hunter J. Cowan BSED PA – Huntingdon
Matthew Leonard BSBA PA – Huntingdon
Brett M. Benjamin BSBA PA – Lancaster
Yasir S. Faraj BS PA – Lancaster
Leah Graybill BSED PA – Lancaster
Jake R. Hines BS PA – Lancaster
Alexis R. Mosso BSED PA – Lancaster
Andrew K. Myers BA PA – Lancaster
Hanna M Phillips BSED PA – Lancaster
Austin R. Snyder BSBA PA – Lancaster
ElliAnn Strauss BA PA – Lancaster
Mallory A Sunderland BS PA – Lancaster
Adam F. Fox BA PA – Lebanon
James A. Sumlin BS PA – Lebanon
Kelsie K. Baus BS PA – Lehigh
Abbey E. Byrne BA PA – Lehigh
Jared G Kish BSED PA – Lehigh
Sofia J Pittas BS PA – Lehigh
Nicole E. Tormann BA PA – Lehigh
Jillian Manangan BSBA PA – Luzerne
Zola Riccardo BSED PA – Lycoming
Morgan R Brumbaugh BSED PA – Mifflin
Jake M Benarick BS PA – Montgomery
Joseph Brophy BSBA PA – Montgomery
Kathryn M. Diehl BSBA PA – Montgomery
Keegan C. Fonder BSBA PA – Montgomery
Veronica L Gdowik BSED PA – Montgomery
John G. Grobaker BS PA – Montgomery
Ethan D. Smerecki BS PA – Montgomery
Benjamin J. Swarr BS PA – Montgomery
Marissa L Steinhauser BA PA – Northampton
Stephanie Dunkelberger BS PA – Northumberland
Jayla L Klase BSED PA – Northumberland
Keefer Neidig BSBA PA – Northumberland
Abby L. Durand BA PA – Perry
Jessica Ramos BSED PA – Perry
Madelyn Saylor BSBA PA – Perry
Jaden Albergotti BA PA – Philadelphia
Nathan K. Augustin BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Alexis B. Butts BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Kirsten L Gallagher BS PA – Philadelphia
Michelle D. Grippo BSW PA – Philadelphia
Rashann Henry BA PA – Philadelphia
Tamara C Hightower BA PA – Philadelphia
Sahar Islam BA PA – Philadelphia
Shanelle Jackson BA PA – Philadelphia
Yong Hang Lin BS PA – Philadelphia
Zyir A. Medlock BA PA – Philadelphia
Carlos S. Mora-Fallas BA PA – Philadelphia
Kay West BSW PA – Philadelphia
Audrey R. Whetts BA PA – Philadelphia
Daniel P. Reiley BS PA – Schuylkill
Regina Yeung BA PA – Schuylkill
Kailey B. Swineford BSED PA – Snyder
Patrick Zimmerman BSED PA – Snyder
Keegan W Huston BSBA PA – Somerset
Katelynn E. Swank BSED PA – Somerset
Garrett B. David BSBA PA – Tioga
Spencer A. Wenrick BSBA PA – Union
Kelli A. O’Connor BSED PA – Washington
Theresa M Piscatelli BSED PA – Washington
Jaxson T. Montross BSBA PA – Wyoming
Leah A Balek BSBA PA – York
Heather L. Barley BA PA – York
Matthew C Burke BS PA – York
Amber N. Butler BSED PA – York
Carter R. Crebs BA PA – York
Kirstan Gregory BSBA PA – York
Sophia M Heininger BSBA PA – York
Thomas I. Hoopes BS PA – York
Thomas I. Hoopes UCRT PA – York
Tyler C. Hubley BSBA PA – York
Adrian Kelley BSED PA – York
Kadylyn M. Ketterman BA PA – York
Alexis C Sheffield BSED PA – York
Daniel Simpson BS PA – York
Brianna M. Small BSBA PA – York
Parker J. Snyder BA PA – York
Riley D. Tempera BSBA PA – York
Taylor M Gemmell BSBA MD – Carroll
Brian C Weller BSBA MD – Carroll
Nathan Fox BA MD – Frederick
Jarrett R Watson BSBA MD – Frederick
James D Wilburn BSBA MD – Frederick
Jackie Sterenberg BS MD – Howard
Estifanos Solomon BA MD – Montgomery
Garret C. Hose BSBA MD – Washington
Kathryn R. McLaughlin BSW MD – Washington
Chase P. Molony BSBA MD – Washington
Gabriel G Pinacho BA MD – Washington
Evan L. Smith BA MD – Washington
Madison J. Smith BSBA MD – Washington
Ray Jones BSBA DE – New Castle
Nicolette L. Short BSED DE – New Castle
Max E. Catania BA NJ – Burlington
Justin P. Kilgore BSBA NJ – Burlington
Brandon Holt BSBA NJ – Essex
Jacoby Sherard BS NJ – Mercer
Tykey N. Reinberry BSBA NJ – Somerset
Jordan Bowen BS NE-Douglas
Julia M. Ferreira BS TX-Hunt
Tatum M. Wright BA *Out Of State
Destiny N. Evener BSED