On Friday, December 15, Shippensburg University hosted its 2023 winter graduate commencement ceremony at the Luhrs Performing Arts Center. Candidates for diplomas included 107 individuals.

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*This listing is not an official indication of graduation. The SU diploma or an official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers,  is the official testimony of the conferring of a degree. 


Einaz Abdi MED PA – Adams
Abby Fortnum MBA PA – Adams
Jeffrey G. Houser MA PA – Adams
Daniel A McClelland MS PA – Adams
Kaitlin R Yealy MAT PA – Adams
Amanda Costello MBA PA – Allegheny
Luke Nedrow MS PA – Allegheny
Laurie L. Hollis MS PA – Bedford
Spencer Hood MBA PA – Bedford
Amanda Stoudnour MED PA – Bedford
Allison M. Herb MS PA – Berks
Allison M. Herb PBCT PA – Berks
Alicia N. Hawkins MS PA – Blair
Hannah N. Horowitz MS PA – Bucks
Hannah N. Horowitz PBCT PA – Bucks
Katherine Rastetter EDD PA – Chester
Cameron Britt MBA PA – Columbia
Sydney M. Haedrich MS PA – Columbia
Devon C. Chenot MS PA – Cumberland
Madison P. Colyer MS PA – Cumberland
Sarah R. Cunningham MED PA – Cumberland
Riley G. Cusick MBA PA – Cumberland
Sophia G. Damore MA PA – Cumberland
Alexa N Furlong MBA PA – Cumberland
Andrew D. Gutshall MPA PA – Cumberland
Julie Henderson MS PA – Cumberland
Mackenzie L. Herman MS PA – Cumberland
Travis L. Houtz MS PA – Cumberland
Nagib Ibrahim MBA PA – Cumberland
Regina G. Lachemann MS PA – Cumberland
Nicholas A. Locke MAT PA – Cumberland
Katina L. Maddox EDD PA – Cumberland
Titus D. Manetta MAT PA – Cumberland
Sasha A. Melbourne MS PA – Cumberland
Rayven Mitchell MED PA – Cumberland
Brinton A. Motto MBA PA – Cumberland
Jordan Nolte MBA PA – Cumberland
Nora L. Ormsbee MS PA – Cumberland
Brooke E. Peterson MA PA – Cumberland
Madison Ramper MS PA – Cumberland
Allison N. Rippeon MS PA – Cumberland
Diana M. Robinson MS PA – Cumberland
Michelle G. Roth MED PA – Cumberland
Julia A Ruby MBA PA – Cumberland
Stacy Sanders MED PA – Cumberland
Catherine Schairer MED PA – Cumberland
Taylor B. Schmalz MA PA – Cumberland
Lindsay G. Seifert MBA PA – Cumberland
Katie S. Spengler MS PA – Cumberland
Robyn B. Stine MBA PA – Cumberland
Maxine E Stough MS PA – Cumberland
Nathan Weber MAT PA – Cumberland
Yesenia R. Bane MPA PA – Dauphin
Mykaela Goodyear MS PA – Dauphin
Emily Hegedus MS PA – Dauphin
Colby M. Hollinger MBA PA – Dauphin
Zackary W. Isenhour MS PA – Dauphin
Donna L. Johnson MS PA – Dauphin
Martha A. Moon-Renton MA PA – Dauphin
Rebecca N. Van Selow MS PA – Dauphin
Ben Webber MED PA – Dauphin
Caprice S. White MS PA – Delaware
Joshua E Frankenfield MBA PA – Franklin
James M. Gladhill MBA PA – Franklin
Deanna H Grove MA PA – Franklin
Rylan T. Hummer MBA PA – Franklin
Sarah A. Mayer EDD PA – Franklin
Bruce M. McLaughlin MBA PA – Franklin
RD Purcell MS PA – Franklin
Alyssa N Scott MED PA – Franklin
Ian P Shook MBA PA – Franklin
Jesse W. Cox MBA PA – Fulton
Shanda R. Jefferson EDD PA – Fulton
Madelyn Matias MBA PA – Lancaster
Julie Torres MA PA – Lancaster
Kimmai Tran MBA PA – Lancaster
Travis J. Peck EDD PA – Lebanon
Nicholas Kurzinsky MBA PA – Luzerne
Emily Spencer MBA PA – Luzerne
Patrick Ramsdale MS PA – Monroe
Max D Edwards MA PA – Northampton
Danielle Green MED PA – Northampton
Alyson Sanchez MBA PA – Northampton
Courtney J. King MBA PA – Northumberland
Al Miscovich MS PA – Westmoreland
Mackenzie Toth MA PA – Westmoreland
Justin L. Alwood MED PA – York
Laura L. Atkins MBA PA – York
Antoinette M Auchey MED PA – York
Kyra L. Gerber MS PA – York
Paije Koller MS PA – York
Patrick J. Walker MS PA – York
Kenneth H. Watts MBA PA – York
Richard B. Jones MA MD – Washington
Kimona Garwood Wilson MED NY – Kings
Brian D. Cruse MS CA – Los Angeles
Fredy Benitez MS CA Orange
Bobby Stinnette EDD DC-District Of Columbia
Candice E. Vasquez-Moreno MS KS-Geary
Adrian E Perez MBA VA – Fairfax
Seun O. Aremu MS United Kingdom
Dietrich M. Tsuda MS Japan
Zachary Johns MBA *Out Of State
Stephanie D. Flores Bradshaw MBA
Triveni Putluri MS
Matthew R. Ryan MBA
Jennifer L. Sandusky MED
Brianna J Webb MS