The Connors Institute at Shippensburg University has announced a new partnership with Ad Fontes Media, best known for their creation of the “Media Bias Chart.” This partnership will provide Connors researchers opportunities to collaborate with an organization that is a leader in helping Americans identify reliable sources of news and information.

“Ad Fontes Media is a leader in helping Americans to identify trustworthy sources of information. As a new partner of the Connors Institute, this means our research fellows will be sharing knowledge and resources with a pioneer in the information literacy space.” said Dr. Lawrence Eppard, associate professor of Sociology and founder of The Connors Institutes.

Alongside with Eppard, the institute is guided by an advisory board that consist of members from Brown University, Northwestern University, BYU, Rutgers University and Occidental College. In addition, the institute has advisors from the media realm including organizations such as, The Bulwark, Skeptic Magazine, The Sentinel, Lee Enterprises, NASA, Think Tank and Ad Fontes Media CEO, Vanessa Otero.

The institute currently has five undergraduate research fellows within the university.

The Connors Institute strives to disseminate high-quality nonpartisan information to the American public around issues of news literacy, societal well-being and democracy promotion.