Michael Lyman, Social Work & Gerontology, had a presentation accepted at the 32nd Annual Ethnographic & Qualitative Research Conference (EQRC) to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2019.  The presentation is entitled: “’I just spent an hour of my life doing nerd stuff’: A Qualitative Assessment of the Social Work Research Club”. In addition, Lyman had an article accepted into the 2018 International Association of Social Work with Groups Symposium Proceedings which will be published in the journal, Social Work with Groups.  The article authors are Dr. Lyman, and local social worker, Dorothy Andrews, in addition to the following students: Cheyenne Port, Michelle Cousins, Emily Stottlemyer, Monica DeCarlo, Paige Bankhead-Lewis, and Adlofo Alvarez.  The title of the article is “An evaluation of a group work batterer intervention program for intimate partner violence perpetrators, Social Work Practice with Groups.”