It is one thing to have a story published in a student-run newspaper. But it is entirely another thing to have a story shared on a platform with over 2.6 million followers.

Senior communication/journalism major Hannah Pollock, Editor in chief of The Slate, was recently recognized on Photojournalist Pete Souza’s Instagram story. Pete Souza shared a screenshot of Pollock’s ‘Your World Today’ commentary, a column every Editor in chief at The Slate leads during their tenure.

“I was surprised but I didn’t know until my boyfriend very excitedly called me to tell me to look. We watched the documentary together and I decided to write a column about it,” Pollock stated.

Peter Souza is an American photojournalist and the former Chief Official White House Photographer for President Barack Obama. Souza’s documentary reflects on his role as a photographer in capturing raw, candid moments of Obama’s presidency. Pollock made the argument that photographers are undervalued and highlighted the need for authentic, unstaged photography in politics and beyond.

“I hope that anyone that saw the documentary or read my column understands the importance of Souza’s message,” Pollock commented.

Souza’s recognition of Pollock’s column demonstrates not only the importance of the topic but also the professionalism Pollock displayed. For someone with as much prestige as Pete Souza, Pollock was honored in her recognition.

“It is exciting to have my work shared beyond the Shippensburg University community — let alone Souza’s 2.6 million followers,” Pollock added.

Pollock’s emphasis on print media at Ship is putting her on the path of success in becoming a successful journalist just like the people that inspire her.