The faculty, staff, and administration of the Elnetta G. Jones University Center and Exploratory Studies send heartfelt congratulations to our Dean’s List students from Fall 2020. You have met the challenges of the past year, and have excelled in spite of them with your outstanding academic performance.

Your academic success demonstrates your resilience and an ability to focus on your success – we are all so proud of you. We wish you continued success and encourage you to stay strong during this extraordinary time.

With our sincerest good wishes,

Dean Denise Yarwood, associate vice president & dean of Student Success, Academic Programs and Services

Fall 2020 Exploratory Studies Dean’s List

Salma A. Aden
Azariah J. Atiyeh
Cydney M. Baranowske
Aiken J. Beck
Morgan L. Bennett
Tiffani Booker
Elizabeth G. Bouder
Jocelyn R. Branco
Jesse E. Burgess
Ethan J. Cernicky
Jacob H. Corwell
Gavin D. Cupp
Hannah R. Davidson
Samir R. Davis
Jake M. DeLuccia
Giannicola Ferrarelli
Russel M. Fetter
Christian H. Fleitas
Emily A. Fonash
Camden J. Funk
Ryan D. Glenlast
Cota M. Heckman
Edin Hrbatovic
Annetta M. Hurst
Tiarra N. Husband
Kyle M. Johnson
Rachel M. Johnston
Ashlyn L. Katavitch
Kaya R. Klepaski
Breanna M. Kyner
Isabella J. Lee
Logan N. McAllister
Colby L. Miller
Joseph B. Pennington
Jade M. Pennyman
Naimah K. Pollard
Destiny H. Priest
Dalton J. Shifflett
Michael R. Smith
Tamara R. Smith
Madison P. Stichter
Alexander F. Stratton
Joshua D. Strayer
Ariann M. Swartz-Leslie
Hayley B. Taggart
Tyler H. Thompson
Deja C. Washington
Donovan R. Watford
Caitlin J. Webber
Hailey D. Wilcox
Kole A. Winfield
Ronni E. Wolfgang
Kaytlyn M. Young
Tori L. Brookens
Aaron Troup