Shippensburg University’s commitment to wellness is expanding with Kognito – an online training simulator to help students, faculty and staff talk about student mental health.

College can be very stressful for students, and faculty and staff may be unable to detect the warning signs, or lack the confidence to raise concerns. “At-Risk for Faculty and Staff” helps them lead real-life conversations with students to help build resilience, strengthen relationships and provide support.

“At-Risk for Students” helps those who may be worried about their fellow classmates. Students can go through the simulation to better prepare themselves for difficult conversations with friends in need.

“At Shippensburg University, we believe it is our shared responsibility to take care our Ship family. The Kognito mental health simulation provides an easy and effective way to learn the warning signs and resources available to all faculty, staff, and students as a way to build a safer campus community,” said Marsha Bonn, director of Recreation and Wellness.

“At-Risk for Faculty and Staff” ultimately provides the training needed to support students and take the next step to provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

The software also offers specific training for students, especially if faculty and staff would like their student workers, employees, or graduate assistants to go through the simulation to detect warning signs among their peers.

According to Bonn, “this training will help faculty, staff, and students recognize if something is not ‘ok’ with a student and how to approach tough conversations.”

After finishing the simulation, participants receive a certificate to acknowledge its completion and their new-found ability to initiate life-saving dialogue.

The simulation can be accessed by going to Ship’s health and wellness website page and clicking the Kognito link in the lower left-hand side of the toolbar.

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