Dr. Vicki Fairbanks Taylor, associate professor of management, marketing and entrepreneurship, is hoping to change the classroom experience with the release of a new book “Experiential Exercises in the Classroom” with several co-authors.

“I’m pleased to have completed the book after many hours of researching, writing and revising the text. It’s exciting to see it in publication,” said Taylor.

Before transitioning to teaching in higher education, Taylor was a training development professional. In this role, she was responsible for creating and delivering training that gave employees tangible skills and knowledge they needed to remain effective in their work. It was during this time she witnessed first-hand the value of experiential learning and she brought that educational approach to her classroom at Ship.

“While the importance of content knowledge remains an integral part of business education, students need to translate the knowledge of business and management into practice,” she explained.

The book provides readers with a guide to creating and using experiential exercises in the classroom and includes tips, worksheets and checklists. Through evidence-based best practices, readers gain knowledge on the development and use of experiential exercises and a better understanding of the benefits for students.

Taylor says the book is a great resource for anyone interested in incorporating more experiential learning into their teaching practice.

“My co-authors and I share a passion for increasing experiential learning methods in the classroom and equipping our students with the skills that employers look for in graduates. This book is an extension of our work in the field of experiential learning,” she said.

For Taylor, that work extends beyond the classroom as well. As the faculty advisor for the Human Resource Management Club, Taylor provides additional opportunities for her students to fine tune their skills. The club provides professional development, service learning and networking opportunities for its members.

Taylor’s co-authors included Mary K. Foster, associate professor of business administration at Morgan State University and Jennie L. Walker, associate professor of leadership at the University of Arizona Global Campus, US. Check out their book.