Hello all,

In the next few days (the process has started and will take a day to complete to all mailboxes), you will notice a new “Phish Alert Button” (PAB) in your Outlook. You can use this button to report any suspicious or potentially dangerous emails. If you get a suspicious email, click the Phish Alert button and the email will be deleted from your inbox and forwarded to our IT team for analysis.

See the link below for information about where the Phish Alert Button is located and how to use the Phish Alert Button:

By using this new button, you are helping to keep our organization safe and defend it against cyberattacks.  (The PAB should ONLY be used to report the emails you believe to have malicious intent. It should NOT be used for basic spam or marketing emails. You can delete these types of emails or add the sender or sender’s email domain to a block list in Outlook.)

Thank you for your participation.

Greg Day