The Wellness Program at Shippensburg University is collaborating with the local community, including the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition, for Be Kind Month in February. The #BeKind movement brings awareness of the importance of kindness in everyone’s lives during the month of February. #ShipBeKind encourages  Shippensburg residents to carry out acts of kindness in our community. Let everyone know you support kindness by purchasing #ShipBeKind shirts, hoodies and masks. Sale ends January 7. 

Last year, the Shippensburg Borough Council declared February as ShipBeKind month, stating that “during the month of February, the Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition, in collaboration with the Shippensburg Area Middle School Teen Leadership Club, encourages the Shippensburg Community to be friendly, generous, and considerate. It is asked of all Shippensburg Borough residents to come together to spread positivity throughout the community.” 

Stay tuned for a full calendar of events and ways you can spread kindness in our community.

Order you #ShipBeKind gear!