Senior management major Erin Burney took home third place and $3,000 during the annual State System Startup Challenge. The competition sponsored by Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, allows students to pitch their original business plans to a panel of judges for a chance to win funds to support their start-up or expand their business. This year’s competition aired live on PCN.

Burney pitched IRE Productions, a prop making company that primarily services cosplayers with high-quality and affordable pieces. Customers can select from exclusive designs of weapons, armor and other accessories to complete a cosplay ensemble or enjoy the experience of providing their own design and the company will bring the item to life.

“Ship has really made it so amazing and pretty easy to get to this point. Every step of the way, I’ve had support. Professor Morrisette has really helped out and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing. If I had any questions I could go to him and he made sure I had all the resources at my fingertips,” said Burney.

Burney is excited to make her plan a reality and Ship is proud of her accomplishment.

“Erin has taken it to a new level and we’re exceedingly proud of her and her accomplishments. It’s all good for Ship and PASSHE and everybody,” said Shelley Morrisette, associate professor of entrepreneurship.