FALL 2022 SCHEDULE CLEAN-UP Beginning April 25

Need to register for classes?

Use the myShip portal beginning April 25th. If you have not yet scheduled any courses, you will need your alternate PIN (available from your advisor or department).

Need to adjust your schedule?

You may make changes through the myShip portal starting April 25th.

Questions about billing or Financial Aid?

·           Financial Aid – call 717-477-1131 or email finaid@ship.edu

·           Billing/Student Accounts – visit http://www.ship.edu/Student_Accounts/) or call 717-477-1211 or email studentaccts@ship.edu.

If you are unable to return next semester, please contact your academic dean’s office:

  • Office for Exploratory Studies – visit MOW 213 or call 717-477-1395
  • College of Business – visit GRH 128 or call 717-477-1435
  • College of Arts & Sciences – visit DHC 225 or call 717-477-1151
  • College of Education and Human Services – visit SPH 356 or call 717-477-1141

Need help navigating myShip?

For Registration Instructions, click here.