Senior David Maldonado was accepted to and will attend Clemson University in fall of 2022 as a graduate student in the Counseling Student Affairs Program. As part of his acceptance, Maldonado was also offered a position as graduate community director.

“I have been doing college for six years so far and I am nowhere near done. I would love to keep going until I receive a doctorate degree! I have always felt comfortable on a college campus so I will most likely work on one as well,” explained Maldonado.

The psychology major got his first taste of student affairs work when he assisted with Fall Welcome Week activities in 2020. He said the experience was so rewarding, it inspired him to dive deeper into the campus community and connect with Res Life.

“While being a part of Housing and Residence Life here at Shippensburg I was able to learn more about student affairs and counseling. I think that being a part of this organization on campus has helped me a lot with my current transition after graduation,” he said.

Maldonado is excited about his journey to South Carolina to take the next step towards his career in a new, warmer setting.