On Friday, May 5, The Graduate School at Shippensburg University hosted its 2022 winter commencement ceremony in the Luhrs Performing Arts Center. Candidates for diplomas included 199 students from eight different states and five countries.

*This listing is not an official indication of graduation. The SU diploma or an official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers,  is the official testimony of the conferring of a degree. 

Name  Degree Home State/County
Kathleen Foley MA PA – Adams
Andrew D. Myers MBA PA – Adams
Andrew D. Myers PBCT PA – Adams
Jonathan D. Shue MS PA – Adams
Evan M. Hake MBA PA – Allegheny
Lauren Jennings MBA PA – Allegheny
Adam C. Molinaro MED PA – Allegheny
Marlee M. Mearkle MBA PA – Bedford
Jessica L. DeMarte MBA PA – Berks
Mohamed Jalloh MS PA – Berks
Sydney J Kunkel MS PA – Berks
Megan McMullen MS PA – Berks
Sarah V. Thompson MS PA – Berks
Chase M. Zurawski MBA PA – Berks
Pamela Martin MBA PA – Bucks
Devon M. Speiser MSW PA – Bucks
Kimberly A. Berzonsky MS PA – Cambria
Steven J. Lopez Rodriguez MS PA – Carbon
Haley G. Carpenter MSW PA – Centre
Dylan S. Curtis MS PA – Chester
Ally Mooney MS PA – Chester
Nichole Arner MS PA – Clarion
Paul T. Androshick MS PA – Cumberland
Brenda C Aristy MS PA – Cumberland
Patrick L. Beaston MA PA – Cumberland
Timothy J. Bianchi EDD PA – Cumberland
Connor Boram MPA PA – Cumberland
Meta I Bowman MSW PA – Cumberland
Peyton Bramble MA PA – Cumberland
Elias N. Cabrera MSW PA – Cumberland
Soukaina Chaina MS PA – Cumberland
Felisha R. Dimoff MS PA – Cumberland
Erin L. Emerick MA PA – Cumberland
Douglas A. Enders EDD PA – Cumberland
Donna M. Faraone MSW PA – Cumberland
Courtney E. Finkey MSW PA – Cumberland
Kylee S. Ford MSW PA – Cumberland
Kayla J Gonzalez MS PA – Cumberland
Kayla J Gonzalez PBCT PA – Cumberland
Kelsey Jo C. Hall MED PA – Cumberland
Joshua K. Herbster MS PA – Cumberland
Kelsey R Hockenberry MS PA – Cumberland
Eric C. Hocker MS PA – Cumberland
Eric C. Hocker PBCT PA – Cumberland
Terri A. Hoover MS PA – Cumberland
David S. Jumper MBA PA – Cumberland
Deborah G. Kearns MSW PA – Cumberland
Swetha Kondi MS PA – Cumberland
Jocelyn A. Kraus EDD PA – Cumberland
Sarah A. Lawver MPA PA – Cumberland
Jeremy P Lincoln MBA PA – Cumberland
Emeleigh Luckenbaugh MS PA – Cumberland
Tyler C. Marshall MED PA – Cumberland
Mason McCullough MED PA – Cumberland
Tyler McFarland MED PA – Cumberland
Jen Messner MS PA – Cumberland
Edwin T. Miller MBA PA – Cumberland
Elizabeth A. Nee MSW PA – Cumberland
Andrew M. Paladino MS PA – Cumberland
Devon L Proctor MED PA – Cumberland
Kai Sayers MA PA – Cumberland
Morgan T. Shaughnessy MS PA – Cumberland
Sarah E. Smith MS PA – Cumberland
Sarah E. Smith PBCT PA – Cumberland
Taron D Townsend MSW PA – Cumberland
Jen Tynan-Tyrrell MED PA – Cumberland
Ace D Walker MS PA – Cumberland
Jessica L. Bridges MS PA – Dauphin
Imani M Cameron MSW PA – Dauphin
Imani M Cameron MPA PA – Dauphin
Timothy Eller MS PA – Dauphin
Shawn A. Garghill MBA PA – Dauphin
Emily Hegedus MS PA – Dauphin
Elizabeth Herrmann MBA PA – Dauphin
Zackary W. Isenhour MS PA – Dauphin
Abdoul Kadri Moumouni Hassane MS PA – Dauphin
Jaida C. O’Neal-Sloane MSW PA – Dauphin
Ashley Oxenrider MBA PA – Dauphin
Michael C. Radkiewicz MS PA – Dauphin
Michael C. Radkiewicz PBCT PA – Dauphin
Nikki Thomas MED PA – Dauphin
Hannah M. Seifried MBA PA – Delaware
Zahmir D. Tripp MS PA – Delaware
Andrew Ung MS PA – Delaware
Caprice S. White MS PA – Delaware
Matthew P Allen MS PA – Franklin
Aubrey E. Anna MBA PA – Franklin
Brittany M Black MS PA – Franklin
Jami R. Burkett MSW PA – Franklin
Alexis V. Espinosa MED PA – Franklin
Michael Fignar MBA PA – Franklin
Anthony K. Garland MBA PA – Franklin
Bryce J. Hammond MS PA – Franklin
Alexa Hargenrader MS PA – Franklin
Taylor A. Hollinger MBA PA – Franklin
Haylee Holsopple MS PA – Franklin
Eric R Holtzman EDD PA – Franklin
Aaron M. Horst MBA PA – Franklin
Desiree A. Keith MED PA – Franklin
Sarah C Keller MS PA – Franklin
Erin M Miller MS PA – Franklin
Julie S. Paddleford MBA PA – Franklin
Robert T. Penn MBA PA – Franklin
Scott L. Pineda MS PA – Franklin
Steven J. Thomas MPA PA – Franklin
Karen Vanier MED PA – Franklin
Devon K. Veilleux MBA PA – Franklin
Kelsy Walton MSW PA – Franklin
Zoe M. Weiss MS PA – Franklin
Teddy R. Workman MBA PA – Franklin
Julie Zeyzus MS PA – Franklin
Kaitlin M. Fergeson MA PA – Fulton
Brent D. Pistner EDD PA – Fulton
Raven M. Booher MS PA – Huntingdon
Kaitlyn E Book MS PA – Huntingdon
Mikayla R. Brumbaugh MS PA – Huntingdon
Allyson Hess MBA PA – Lackawanna
Esperanza Y. Torres-Gonzalez MS PA – Lackawanna
Brooke T Bingham MSW PA – Lancaster
Brooke T Bingham PBCT PA – Lancaster
Joshua A Epler MBA PA – Lancaster
Tyler S. Graver MS PA – Lancaster
Jackie M Hippensteel MBA PA – Lancaster
Ashley M. Kitchenoff MS PA – Lancaster
Jacquelynne R. Baker MS PA – Lawrence
Marleana R. Carterbelles MSW PA – Lebanon
Jordan M Cavanagh MBA PA – Lebanon
Codey R. Fickes MS PA – Lebanon
Katelin N. Homskie MS PA – Lebanon
Cathleen J. Cordova MBA PA – Lehigh
Emily R. Mitman MS PA – Lehigh
Cassandra I. Laureano MS PA – Luzerne
Lindsay T. Nemeth MBA PA – Luzerne
Corinne C McLaughlin MBA PA – Lycoming
Marianna Echeverry MBA PA – Monroe
Patrick Ramsdale MS PA – Monroe
Ciaira L Brown MS PA – Montgomery
Sarah Capen-Becerra MS PA – Montgomery
Ted Chylack MSW PA – Montgomery
Ted Chylack PBCT PA – Montgomery
Maddie Frain MBA PA – Montgomery
Andrea F. Krum MBA PA – Montour
Erica L. Abramson MBA PA – Northampton
Max D Edwards MA PA – Northampton
Nick Maggipinto MBA PA – Northampton
Alyson M. Sanchez MBA PA – Northampton
Bethany A. Trempel MS PA – Northampton
Kjerstin Carl-Brown MS PA – Northumberland
Bethany J. Comp MBA PA – Perry
Courtney R. Enterline MED PA – Perry
Amanda M. Miller MED PA – Perry
Alvina D. Belcher MS PA – Philadelphia
Roshon D. Jackson MS PA – Philadelphia
Maria K. Drake MS PA – Pike
Bailey R. Charters MBA PA – Schuylkill
James Cromyak MBA PA – Schuylkill
Christopher T. Ott MA PA – Schuylkill
Shawn M Pokrop MA PA – Schuylkill
Olivia M. Schweigert MBA PA – Schuylkill
Janelle C. Torres MS PA – Snyder
Lynne N. Brewer MS PA – Somerset
Ashton G. White MSW PA – Somerset
Lindsay J. Howerter MBA PA – Union
Reagan M. Lawlor MBA PA – Washington
Nicole Branning MS PA – Wayne
Emily L. Corwin MED PA – York
Gregory R. Holzel MBA PA – York
Allie Mahon EDD PA – York
Kate McCracken MS PA – York
Elaina N. Pecher MS PA – York
Abigail H Runk MS PA – York
Patrick J. Walker MS PA – York
Patrick D. Joyner MBA MD – Anne Arundel
Jessica M. Erickson MSW MD – Baltimore (City)
Jesie L. Crouse MSW MD – Carroll
Addie F. Kalama MBA MD – Harford
Stephanie Pulver MS MD – Washington
Jennifer A. Young MPA MD – Washington
Katlin Conroy MS NJ – Ocean
Vin Salvatore MS NJ – Ocean
Kasmira A. Zechman MA NY – Erie
Emily Devine MS NY – Suffolk
Saige M. Roundtree MS KY-Campbell
Lucas M. Costa MBA MS-Lee
Hannah Marsteller MS VA – Spotsylvania
Eddie A. Sonnie MS VA – Chesapeake City
Samantha Broomfield MS WI-Milwaukee
Pearl Cipriano MS United Kingdom
Manasa Kolli MS India
Ava-Gay A. Morgan MBA Jamaica
Daniel Perry MBA United Kingdom
Dietrich M. Tsuda MS Japan
Alanood A Alshalan MED *Out Of State
Luke J. Devlin MS *Out Of State
Chrissy Moore MBA *Out Of State
Melina Herrick MS
Melina Herrick PBCT
Tami K. Holzel MBA
Ryan McGraw-Foltz MBA