On Saturday, May 6, Shippensburg University hosted its 2023 spring undergraduate commencement ceremony at Seth Grove Stadium. Candidates for diplomas included 722 individuals from 13 different states and Canada and Netherlands.

*This listing is not an official indication of graduation. The SU diploma or an official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers,  is the official testimony of the conferring of a degree. 

Name Degree Home State/County
Jorge Acevedo BS PA – Adams
Brittney Baum BS PA – Adams
Isabel Garcia BSBA PA – Adams
Emma Geiman BSBA PA – Adams
Liam N. Hafner BS PA – Adams
Steven Hanaway BS PA – Adams
Olivia Hartlaub BSBA PA – Adams
Madison L. Johnson BS PA – Adams
Ashley M. Kaas BSED PA – Adams
Cassidy L. Keilholtz BA PA – Adams
Spencer Kemmerzell BA PA – Adams
Jared D Kidd BA PA – Adams
Matthew S. Klipp BA PA – Adams
John E. Knowles-Kellett BS PA – Adams
Chase Lookingbill BS PA – Adams
Jordan T. Miller BSBA PA – Adams
Joseph R. Morris BA PA – Adams
Casey R. Platts BSBA PA – Adams
Amber B. Price BA PA – Adams
Brianna N. Redding BSBA PA – Adams
Trey M. Reese BSBA PA – Adams
Madison J. Rohrbaugh BA PA – Adams
Ashley Roser BSED PA – Adams
Madison P Weaver BSED PA – Adams
Issiah M. Wivell BSBA PA – Adams
Karley D. Zinn BSED PA – Adams
Jessica C. Abt BSED PA – Allegheny
Oyindamola Agbale BS PA – Allegheny
Lonna J. Anderson BA PA – Allegheny
Rachel Bakowski BS PA – Allegheny
Jack D. Leidemann BS PA – Allegheny
Madison M. Williams BSBA PA – Allegheny
Alexander D. Fouse BSED PA – Bedford
Rachael M Grimm BSED PA – Bedford
Abigail L Heister BA PA – Bedford
Spencer A. Hood BSBA PA – Bedford
Kari A. Leighty BA PA – Bedford
Cameron E. Pressel BS PA – Bedford
Crystal Almanzar BA PA – Berks
Cassi M. Bortz BS PA – Berks
Brady G Dallas BA PA – Berks
Karley M Frees BSBA PA – Berks
Isaiah Gilmore BA PA – Berks
Tahj L. Glover BS PA – Berks
Carissa S. Hagerty BS PA – Berks
Kristen P Harding BA PA – Berks
Nathan Harding BSBA PA – Berks
Macie A Heebner BSED PA – Berks
Brenden J. Livinghouse BS PA – Berks
Aaron Z. Milligan BA PA – Berks
Jacob A Oister BS PA – Berks
Coby M Remp BSBA PA – Berks
Michael J. Sarbaugh BSBA PA – Berks
Marialice C Simmons BS PA – Berks
Everest G. Small BS PA – Berks
Jenna E. Strause BSED PA – Berks
Matthew G. Unger BA PA – Berks
Madison Vallonio BSBA PA – Berks
Alondra Velazquez Reyes BA PA – Berks
Alyssah P. Watson BS PA – Berks
Isaiah M Barnes BSBA PA – Blair
Zane A. Croft BA PA – Blair
Jacob M. Gallagher BSBA PA – Blair
Austin J. Garner BS PA – Blair
Shayan E. Sipes BSED PA – Blair
Ellianna F Binford BS PA – Bradford
Ashlee V. Newton BS PA – Bradford
Ashley T. Smith BSED PA – Bradford
Giacinta J Barndt BSED PA – Bucks
Rachel A. Bassler BSBA PA – Bucks
Chesrhon Bobb BS PA – Bucks
Tara N. Czekner BA PA – Bucks
Kylie G. Gerhardt BS PA – Bucks
Ashley N Grace BS PA – Bucks
Madison M Haley BS PA – Bucks
Sarah R Heichel BS PA – Bucks
Sarah R Heichel UCRT PA – Bucks
Zachary J. Hess BS PA – Bucks
William B. Hoffman BA PA – Bucks
Seth J. Kerrigan BSBA PA – Bucks
Meghan Marks BSBA PA – Bucks
Hannah E McManus BA PA – Bucks
Sydney A. Miller BS PA – Bucks
Emily R. Nocito BS PA – Bucks
Jon C. Ogborn BS PA – Bucks
Jon C. Ogborn UCRT PA – Bucks
Jake H Paul BS PA – Bucks
Andrew J Pervis BS PA – Bucks
Elizabeth Russell BA PA – Bucks
Andrew Recchia BSBA PA – Butler
Maddi Dzurko BSBA PA – Cambria
Denver M. Meier BS PA – Cambria
Devin M Foster BS PA – Cameron
Megan L. Dugan BSBA PA – Carbon
Selena M. Kibler BSED PA – Carbon
Katelyn Auman BS PA – Centre
Cole Balint BS PA – Chester
Myles R. Bastable BA PA – Chester
Matthew W. Boland BS PA – Chester
David M. Bussard BS PA – Chester
Nathan J Daniels BA PA – Chester
Emma C Halsey BS PA – Chester
William F McCrossan BS PA – Chester
Trent J McNally-Smith BS PA – Chester
Jessica Parsons BA PA – Chester
Madison Raeburn BS PA – Chester
Madison Raeburn UCRT PA – Chester
Patrick I. Reilly BA PA – Chester
Lexis D. Ruta BSED PA – Chester
Michael J. Ruttman BSBA PA – Chester
Jack M Tuori BS PA – Chester
Harold M. Weber BA PA – Chester
Codi Wilkinson BA PA – Chester
Sean Louis L. Wolstenholme BA PA – Chester
Michael P. Yoegel BS PA – Chester
Phylicia Hockman BS PA – Clarion
Allyson E. Fenton BA PA – Clearfield
Cheyenne M. Mitchell BSED PA – Clinton
Domunic A. Gaines BA PA – Columbia
Kalei M Arnett BSBA PA – Cumberland
Tyler J Artz BS PA – Cumberland
Paige A. Bond BS PA – Cumberland
Kyle M. Bonilla BS PA – Cumberland
Hannah Borkenhagen BA PA – Cumberland
Elizabeth G Bouder BSBA PA – Cumberland
Badreddine Bouhmam BS PA – Cumberland
Kimberly Braet BA PA – Cumberland
Jacob Bream BS PA – Cumberland
Isabella Brow BS PA – Cumberland
Dinh T. Bui BS PA – Cumberland
Sara L. Buitrago BS PA – Cumberland
Anicken B. Carbaugh BS PA – Cumberland
Jasiah D. Chesley BA PA – Cumberland
Eric W. Clark BSBA PA – Cumberland
Kalyn M Clites BSED PA – Cumberland
Grace A. Colestock BSED PA – Cumberland
Aybree M Croskey BSED PA – Cumberland
Alvin C Dalida BSBA PA – Cumberland
Rozlynne M. Dealy BSW PA – Cumberland
Caitlin L. Delaney BS PA – Cumberland
Benjamin M. Delozier BA PA – Cumberland
Nicole C. Donovan BA PA – Cumberland
Kaitlyn N. Durff BA PA – Cumberland
Matthew L. Eaton BS PA – Cumberland
Quinn S. Erney BS PA – Cumberland
Alexis M. Estep BS PA – Cumberland
Brandon Fanus BS PA – Cumberland
Emily N. Felty BA PA – Cumberland
Dylan T. Free BSBA PA – Cumberland
Jacob L. Frey BS PA – Cumberland
Zachery C. Fuhrmaneck BS PA – Cumberland
Regyna E. Gantt BSW PA – Cumberland
Megan A Gardenhour BA PA – Cumberland
Reily O. Gettle BS PA – Cumberland
Ryleigh L. Goodyear BSED PA – Cumberland
Daniel J Graci BA PA – Cumberland
Anna Harrison BSBA PA – Cumberland
Mouna Hasni BS PA – Cumberland
Benjamin W Havens BSBA PA – Cumberland
Chris Hecker BS PA – Cumberland
Luis J. Herazo BSBA PA – Cumberland
Zoe A. Holtry BSED PA – Cumberland
Brittney S Horton BS PA – Cumberland
Brittney S Horton UCRT PA – Cumberland
Nathan J. Housel BSBA PA – Cumberland
Sydney H. Huber BSBA PA – Cumberland
Hayden Hunt BSBA PA – Cumberland
Kolby H. Hunt BSBA PA – Cumberland
Erin N. Hurley BA PA – Cumberland
Abdelkrim Kallich BS PA – Cumberland
Nik G. Karoly BSBA PA – Cumberland
Grace Keller BA PA – Cumberland
Rachel Kline BSED PA – Cumberland
Kenzie Knight BSED PA – Cumberland
Brendan J. Krausse BSBA PA – Cumberland
Daniel Lewis BA PA – Cumberland
Kailee S. Liu BSBA PA – Cumberland
Grace A Lunde BA PA – Cumberland
Kali D. Mackey BSED PA – Cumberland
Madison R. Markley BS PA – Cumberland
Ryanne L. Martin BA PA – Cumberland
Caley A McGuigan BSED PA – Cumberland
Kiersten D. Melder BSW PA – Cumberland
Kaitlyn N. Mentzer BSED PA – Cumberland
Sienna M. Mira BSED PA – Cumberland
Laurel A. Moore BA PA – Cumberland
Emileigh A. Moriarty BA PA – Cumberland
Ava C. Mowery BA PA – Cumberland
Jessica Mullis BA PA – Cumberland
Jacob D. Mundis BSBA PA – Cumberland
Keith R Njuguna BA PA – Cumberland
Jack T. Noonan BSBA PA – Cumberland
Michael K. O’Connor BA PA – Cumberland
Megan E. OBrien BSBA PA – Cumberland
Ezekiel Oghenede BS PA – Cumberland
Alex D Palmer BSBA PA – Cumberland
Swarup A Patel BSBA PA – Cumberland
Cydney R Perry BS PA – Cumberland
Cydney R Perry UCRT PA – Cumberland
Riana H Peters BS PA – Cumberland
Braden A. Petty BSBA PA – Cumberland
Samuel Pittenger BA PA – Cumberland
Aidan A. Reisser BA PA – Cumberland
Carlos Richardson BS PA – Cumberland
Makaylie B Ritrievi BS PA – Cumberland
Travis R. Ritter BS PA – Cumberland
Brooke E. Roberts BSED PA – Cumberland
Dustin E. Rodgers BSBA PA – Cumberland
Haley Rupp BSBA PA – Cumberland
Suzanne M. Schaer BS PA – Cumberland
Ashlee R Scott BA PA – Cumberland
Thomas Scott BSBA PA – Cumberland
Kaitlin R. Shanley BA PA – Cumberland
Ethan Shellenberger BSBA PA – Cumberland
Timothy M. Siwy BSBA PA – Cumberland
Craig A. Skelly BSBA PA – Cumberland
Chase Slenker BSBA PA – Cumberland
Brooke E Stoner BSED PA – Cumberland
Conner M. Strous BSBA PA – Cumberland
Gabriel E. Tomblin BA PA – Cumberland
Oshean S. Vilaychith BSBA PA – Cumberland
Garrett M Walk BS PA – Cumberland
Sophia Wall BA PA – Cumberland
Kirstyn Walters BA PA – Cumberland
Melanie Wang BSBA PA – Cumberland
Bret A. Watson BS PA – Cumberland
Mason A Weyant BS PA – Cumberland
David E. Williams BS PA – Cumberland
Derek S. Williams BS PA – Cumberland
Kylie Wilson BSBA PA – Cumberland
Cole L. Wolaver BSBA PA – Cumberland
Michael J Wolgemuth BS PA – Cumberland
Michael J Wolgemuth UCRT PA – Cumberland
Alexis M. Woodring BA PA – Cumberland
Camden T. Yablonski BS PA – Cumberland
Camden T. Yablonski UCRT PA – Cumberland
Seika Yamamoto BSBA PA – Cumberland
Carsyn Zeigler BA PA – Cumberland
Elijah X. Zinn BS PA – Cumberland
Halle L. Zullinger BSW PA – Cumberland
Joseph A. Barbera BSBA PA – Dauphin
Aaron L Bobb BSBA PA – Dauphin
Scott M Bucher BS PA – Dauphin
Alec M Burger BSBA PA – Dauphin
Madison O. Conway BA PA – Dauphin
Cindy Dam BS PA – Dauphin
Ryan M. Derois BSBA PA – Dauphin
Ernest R. Frazier BA PA – Dauphin
Treasure George BS PA – Dauphin
Ruthanna Gordon BS PA – Dauphin
Baylee R. Hall BSBA PA – Dauphin
Jacob G Jackson BSBA PA – Dauphin
Tida Jammeh BSW PA – Dauphin
Nathaniel M. Kaplon BS PA – Dauphin
Noah L. Koppenhaver BSBA PA – Dauphin
Andrew T. Kress BS PA – Dauphin
Naomi Landron BA PA – Dauphin
Tyler S Leisher BSBA PA – Dauphin
Katelyn A Nalesnik BS PA – Dauphin
Brea Neal BSBA PA – Dauphin
Jeray T. Neely-Speaks BS PA – Dauphin
Sean P Powell BSED PA – Dauphin
Christopher J. Rudolph BS PA – Dauphin
Karina O. Ryabyy BSW PA – Dauphin
Nicholas Sarian BS PA – Dauphin
Jennifer K Shade BSED PA – Dauphin
Christopher L. Shell BS PA – Dauphin
Christopher L. Shell UCRT PA – Dauphin
Jenna C Shoop BSED PA – Dauphin
Sydnie A. Simmons BA PA – Dauphin
Sydnie A. Simmons UCRT PA – Dauphin
Rebecca L. Smith BS PA – Dauphin
Trenton M. Snader BA PA – Dauphin
Deja C. Speaks BSED PA – Dauphin
Kyla Sullivan BSED PA – Dauphin
Alana Thompson BA PA – Dauphin
Nicholas A Woodson BSBA PA – Dauphin
Hailey R. Zeiders BSBA PA – Dauphin
Connor M. Zimmerman BS PA – Dauphin
Jack Ansley BA PA – Delaware
Isabella B. Brignola BA PA – Delaware
John T. Bullock BSBA PA – Delaware
Michelle D. Burton BA PA – Delaware
Michelle D. Burton UCRT PA – Delaware
Julianne K. Capozzoli BS PA – Delaware
Carole G. DiDaniele BA PA – Delaware
Dameeyah Z. Floyd BA PA – Delaware
Bria M. Flynn BA PA – Delaware
Na’Sir C. Greer BA PA – Delaware
Michael J. Hannig BSED PA – Delaware
Khalilh Jackson BSBA PA – Delaware
Jude D. Kirkwood BSBA PA – Delaware
Keyshaun L. Mayfield BS PA – Delaware
Abigail M. Seasock BS PA – Delaware
Alexander A. Agosti BSBA PA – Elk
Ashley Adams BS PA – Franklin
Joshua S. Adams BSBA PA – Franklin
Ariana M. Appenzellar BSBA PA – Franklin
Ozha A. Aziz BS PA – Franklin
William Barton BSBA PA – Franklin
Cory R. Baumgardner BSBA PA – Franklin
Juliana Q Baumgardner BS PA – Franklin
Kaitlyn Becknell BSED PA – Franklin
Jacob D Bell BS PA – Franklin
Charles C. Branchman BS PA – Franklin
Mara J. Broadwater BSED PA – Franklin
Kristian Broche BS PA – Franklin
Hannah Bucher BS PA – Franklin
Jessica L Carter BSED PA – Franklin
Bailey G. Cassada BA PA – Franklin
Madison T. Cessna BA PA – Franklin
Robert E Coburn BSBA PA – Franklin
Alaina M. Conaway BA PA – Franklin
Madison E Cosey BSED PA – Franklin
Alexandra K. Cottingham BSBA PA – Franklin
Hunter M Cramer BA PA – Franklin
Kody E. Creager BS PA – Franklin
Africa Degler BS PA – Franklin
Rachel E. Dehoff BSED PA – Franklin
Joshua D. Delaney BS PA – Franklin
Mackenzie T. Delosier BSBA PA – Franklin
Karen M. Dixon BS PA – Franklin
Karen M. Dixon UCRT PA – Franklin
Mariana Espinosa BA PA – Franklin
Mariana Espinosa UCRT PA – Franklin
Mariana Espinosa UCRT PA – Franklin
KateLynne M Fleming BS PA – Franklin
Aurora Florek BA PA – Franklin
Vickie Flores BA PA – Franklin
Cedric A. Green BS PA – Franklin
Jc C. Greenwood BA PA – Franklin
Levi M Grove BSBA PA – Franklin
Jacob P. Harnish BSW PA – Franklin
Jacob B Helfrick BSBA PA – Franklin
Taylor R Hettenhouser BS PA – Franklin
Hayleigh M. Highlands BSED PA – Franklin
Matthew R Hoover BS PA – Franklin
Collin P. Horan BSED PA – Franklin
Kaitlin Johns BSED PA – Franklin
Alexis M. Jones BA PA – Franklin
Kaitlyn A. Jones BSED PA – Franklin
Chloe C. Keyes BA PA – Franklin
Jamie L. Klenzing BS PA – Franklin
Jamie L. Klenzing UCRT PA – Franklin
Madison M. Kohler BSW PA – Franklin
Jacob Kornilow BS PA – Franklin
Kyle E Krause BS PA – Franklin
Breanna M. Kyner BS PA – Franklin
Skylar M. Lambert BS PA – Franklin
Stone C. Lampley BA PA – Franklin
Jaesoon Lee BS PA – Franklin
Brittani Lehman BSED PA – Franklin
Helenna Lenn BSED PA – Franklin
Nickolas Logan BSBA PA – Franklin
Micah A. Lysiak BSED PA – Franklin
Dusty R. Martin BSBA PA – Franklin
Benjamin N. McKee BS PA – Franklin
Sarah B Mcnew BA PA – Franklin
Madison A. Miller BS PA – Franklin
Hannah G. Moats BS PA – Franklin
Chapin C Mowen BSED PA – Franklin
Douglas W. Muir BA PA – Franklin
Emma K. Newell BSED PA – Franklin
Bailee K. Nitterhouse BSBA PA – Franklin
Lauren E. Ocker BS PA – Franklin
Ktyal A. Plummer BS PA – Franklin
Kerri Potteiger BSW PA – Franklin
Cesar U Ramos BS PA – Franklin
Ian Rea BS PA – Franklin
Ian Rea UCRT PA – Franklin
Shianne E. Reaves BSED PA – Franklin
Nathan M Reed BS PA – Franklin
Andrew S Rheam BS PA – Franklin
Abagail F. Robillard BSBA PA – Franklin
Payton A Sampson BSED PA – Franklin
Makayla Scofield BSW PA – Franklin
Katlin Shatzer BS PA – Franklin
Austin B. Shearer BS PA – Franklin
Sierra L. Shriner BA PA – Franklin
Margaret J Sideras BSBA PA – Franklin
Seth C. Sjoberg BS PA – Franklin
Bethany H. Snyder BSED PA – Franklin
Courtney Stains BS PA – Franklin
Lyann Terrero-Baez BSW PA – Franklin
Jack Thomas BS PA – Franklin
Jisauri Toribio Ventura BSW PA – Franklin
Jacquelyn H. Wagaman BSBA PA – Franklin
Spencer W. Washabaugh BA PA – Franklin
Vincent T. Wijaya BA PA – Franklin
Vincent T. Wijaya UCRT PA – Franklin
Serad J. Williams BS PA – Franklin
Zoe B. Williard BSW PA – Franklin
Deja V. Winkler BA PA – Franklin
Rhyan Zeek BSBA PA – Franklin
Codi N. Brown BSBA PA – Fulton
Kasey L. Brown BA PA – Fulton
Ashley B Landers BS PA – Fulton
Ashley B Landers BA PA – Fulton
Leah K. Seville BSBA PA – Fulton
Holden M. Smith BSBA PA – Fulton
Rebecca M Wenschhof BS PA – Fulton
Rebecca M Wenschhof UCRT PA – Fulton
Caleb L. Stephenson BSBA PA – Greene
Kasey N. Bafia BSBA PA – Huntingdon
Morgan H. Banks BSBA PA – Huntingdon
Mason R. Farine BSBA PA – Huntingdon
Garrett L Funk BS PA – Huntingdon
Abigayle C. Hollibaugh BS PA – Huntingdon
Allyssabeth A. Kinder BSBA PA – Huntingdon
Camden L. Knode BS PA – Huntingdon
Nicholas L Pearce BS PA – Huntingdon
Reagan D Querry BS PA – Huntingdon
Kole A Winfield BS PA – Huntingdon
Carlos D. Carter BSBA PA – Indiana
Gregory G. Neibert BS PA – Juniata
Hannah M. Duffy BSED PA – Lackawanna
Brennan V Moran BS PA – Lackawanna
Carter Appel BSBA PA – Lancaster
Jenna N. Bailey BSBA PA – Lancaster
Linsey Catherson BSBA PA – Lancaster
Cameron P. Conroy BA PA – Lancaster
Alexander Diahn BSBA PA – Lancaster
Ryan M Farmer BS PA – Lancaster
Ashley E. Fidler BS PA – Lancaster
Trysten M George BSBA PA – Lancaster
Riley Good BS PA – Lancaster
Adam J Haertter BS PA – Lancaster
Stephanie A. Kline BA PA – Lancaster
Larson Kopp BSBA PA – Lancaster
Brittany Lee BA PA – Lancaster
Adrienne M. McGarrigle BSED PA – Lancaster
Hannah G McKennon BA PA – Lancaster
Sierra R. Miller BSBA PA – Lancaster
Felicia M. Molina BS PA – Lancaster
Emma C Oberholtzer BS PA – Lancaster
Ryan T. Pearson BSBA PA – Lancaster
Adam P. Ricketts BSED PA – Lancaster
Paige N. Roberts BS PA – Lancaster
Xavier J. Roman BA PA – Lancaster
Joseph C. Royle BSBA PA – Lancaster
Alec L. Santiago BS PA – Lancaster
Paige C Saurbaugh BSED PA – Lancaster
Nathan T. Scheid BSBA PA – Lancaster
Zachary T. Steffy BSBA PA – Lancaster
Ryan R. Traup BS PA – Lancaster
Logan Usner BS PA – Lancaster
Andrew L. Williams BSBA PA – Lancaster
Edward J Cannon BA PA – Lebanon
Myah A. Chapman BA PA – Lebanon
Amanda J. Consylman BS PA – Lebanon
Ian M Fogleman BSBA PA – Lebanon
Alec C. Morales BA PA – Lebanon
Brennan C Mulligan BS PA – Lebanon
William K. Nicholson BA PA – Lebanon
Alex Shutter BSBA PA – Lebanon
Madison R. Bruder BSED PA – Lehigh
Fredrick I. Charles BS PA – Lehigh
Fredrick I. Charles UCRT PA – Lehigh
Olivia Faenza BA PA – Lehigh
Kyleigh Grim BSED PA – Lehigh
Nathan I Hallman BSED PA – Lehigh
Alexa Hare BA PA – Lehigh
Alexa Hare UCRT PA – Lehigh
Alexa Hare UCRT PA – Lehigh
Baylin R. Keller BSED PA – Lehigh
Amanda R. LaVana BSED PA – Lehigh
Mekhi Lee BS PA – Lehigh
Monika B Lewis BA PA – Lehigh
Kallie M. Lyle BA PA – Lehigh
Naila T Mendez BA PA – Lehigh
Hannah B. Palinkas BS PA – Lehigh
Nathan Rode BSBA PA – Lehigh
Alexandrea M. Velez BA PA – Lehigh
Kristen J. Zellner BSBA PA – Lehigh
Cassandra A. Anderson BS PA – Luzerne
Thomas Chan BSBA PA – Luzerne
Trevor S. Grohowski BS PA – Luzerne
Trevor S. Grohowski UCRT PA – Luzerne
Josh Kodish BSBA PA – Luzerne
Jacob A. Rokosz BSBA PA – Luzerne
Shelby A. Stackhouse BSED PA – Luzerne
Isabella G. Bachman BA PA – Lycoming
Gwendalyn E. Blass BSED PA – Lycoming
Andruw J. Fisher BS PA – Lycoming
Dalton J. Gough BSBA PA – Lycoming
Quinn O Stahl-Emig BS PA – Lycoming
Alyssa Nehlen BS PA – Mercer
Natalie O. Bachman BA PA – Mifflin
Jessica A Boozel BA PA – Mifflin
Sierra L Curry BSED PA – Mifflin
Mallory M Hockenberry BSED PA – Mifflin
Chayce C. Macknair BSED PA – Mifflin
Erica Weaver BSBA PA – Mifflin
Daniel K. Engle BS PA – Monroe
Christopher A. Infante BA PA – Monroe
Lieke M Black BS PA – Montgomery
Haley E. Bogdan BSED PA – Montgomery
Nick Bowe BS PA – Montgomery
Alyse L. Caffrey BSED PA – Montgomery
Logan P. Carney BA PA – Montgomery
William R. Cleary BA PA – Montgomery
Cheyenne Cravener BA PA – Montgomery
Makayla L. Davis BSED PA – Montgomery
Gracelyn J. Dittman BS PA – Montgomery
Brielle N. Etze BS PA – Montgomery
Lauren E Eubank BSBA PA – Montgomery
Lucas Froman BS PA – Montgomery
Ava Gangwer BA PA – Montgomery
Jacob B. Goudsward BS PA – Montgomery
Miah L. Gresh BS PA – Montgomery
Miah L. Gresh UCRT PA – Montgomery
Matthew L. Gwinn BS PA – Montgomery
May A. Holm BS PA – Montgomery
Drake S. Levin BSBA PA – Montgomery
Kevin J. Lucas BSBA PA – Montgomery
Patrick S. Maloney BS PA – Montgomery
Jonathan T. O’Donnell BS PA – Montgomery
Jonathan T. O’Donnell UCRT PA – Montgomery
Carter Pestrack BSBA PA – Montgomery
Mason B. Read BS PA – Montgomery
Jordan C Scalia BS PA – Montgomery
Cassidy J. Skilton BS PA – Montgomery
Dontae S. Slocum BSBA PA – Montgomery
Preston J Smith BS PA – Montgomery
Rachel V. Walker BSBA PA – Montgomery
Rafeeq N. Walker BA PA – Montgomery
Emily A. Ernst BS PA – Northampton
Annalise D. Hahn BSED PA – Northampton
Benjamin Hindmarch BSBA PA – Northampton
Austen M LaBarre BS PA – Northampton
Sarah M Lieberman BA PA – Northampton
Sarah M Lieberman UCRT PA – Northampton
Emily V. Meister BA PA – Northampton
Madison L. Musselman BSED PA – Northampton
Tashawn A Ross BSBA PA – Northampton
Mark Frank BA PA – Northumberland
Maria C. Maresca BA PA – Northumberland
Alex J. Schreffler BS PA – Northumberland
Don Carmine R. Scicchitano BA PA – Northumberland
Natalie Abad BSBA PA – Perry
Alyssa Beaston BSED PA – Perry
Jacob A. Fadness BSBA PA – Perry
Hallie M. Fry BSED PA – Perry
Samuel T Groff BA PA – Perry
Gabriel C. Guthrie BS PA – Perry
Gabriel C. Guthrie UCRT PA – Perry
Ella F. Hudgins BS PA – Perry
Andrea P Kitner BA PA – Perry
Logan M. Roadcap BSBA PA – Perry
Jared N Shope BSED PA – Perry
Paige R. Shope BA PA – Perry
Paige R. Shope UCRT PA – Perry
Bodee R. Tolbert BSBA PA – Perry
Jaden Albergotti BA PA – Philadelphia
Zaire I. Avant BA PA – Philadelphia
Karon A. Banks-Bailey BA PA – Philadelphia
Fatu Barrie BSW PA – Philadelphia
Nafisah A Conix BSW PA – Philadelphia
Edner Dorwil BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Tio A Dottin BA PA – Philadelphia
Ra’Shay K. Gambrell BSED PA – Philadelphia
Janayah N Hayes BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Tamara C Hightower BA PA – Philadelphia
Sahar Islam BA PA – Philadelphia
Shanelle Jackson BA PA – Philadelphia
Kyle M. Johnson BA PA – Philadelphia
Rashon J. Johnson BA PA – Philadelphia
Zyir A. Medlock BA PA – Philadelphia
Wilbert Mulbah BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Ruth W Nyesuah BS PA – Philadelphia
Chante Robinson BA PA – Philadelphia
Young Scott BA PA – Philadelphia
Daniel K Sonkarlay BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Kahlaya Turner BS PA – Philadelphia
Christian E. Ukah II BS PA – Philadelphia
Jarel Wilson BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Brad Frick BA PA – Pike
Andrew J. Pinedo BSBA PA – Pike
Mason J. Burke BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Austin Correll BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Spencer P. Dimon BS PA – Schuylkill
Emily E. Ferraro BS PA – Schuylkill
Dana A. Gregas BA PA – Schuylkill
Darin A. Gregas BS PA – Schuylkill
Kristy E. Hargraves BA PA – Schuylkill
Pamela A Kern BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Aaron J. Mason BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Mike W. Saint Juste BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Daniel R. Scheib BSED PA – Schuylkill
Quinn Wiest BS PA – Schuylkill
Grace K. Gilfert BA PA – Snyder
Sarah B Dix BA PA – Somerset
Elise M. Hutzell BS PA – Somerset
Jack H. Schrock BS PA – Somerset
Maggie A. Walker BS PA – Somerset
Cordell E. Cash BSBA PA – Susquehanna
Brenna G White BA PA – Tioga
Hailey Foresman BSED PA – Union
Lillian L. Simmons BS PA – Washington
Christopher D. Higgins BS PA – Wayne
John V. Bachar BS PA – Westmoreland
Madeline L Uschock BSBA PA – Westmoreland
Miles E Albritton BA PA – York
Samantha Bankert BS PA – York
Kira L. Belcher BSED PA – York
Kade S. Bricker BSBA PA – York
Tyler Brock BS PA – York
Kayla M. Brooks BS PA – York
Kiley N. Buser BS PA – York
Khalid T. Dorsey BA PA – York
Michael G Dugan BA PA – York
Ailish R. Flanagan BA PA – York
Jacob N. Foreman BSBA PA – York
Colby D Goodling BSBA PA – York
Ruth M Greaves BA PA – York
Samuel P. Hacker BS PA – York
Samuel P. Hacker UCRT PA – York
Andrew B Hare BSBA PA – York
Derek S Harlacher BSBA PA – York
Cole J. Harris BS PA – York
Adam G Hersey BSBA PA – York
Sydney E. Horvath BSED PA – York
Tyler C. Hubley BSBA PA – York
Jaymie L. Kirby BS PA – York
Matthew J Knauer BSED PA – York
Eden R Kuntz BA PA – York
Madison E Laughman BA PA – York
Maelynn A. Leber BSBA PA – York
Benjamin P Lehr BS PA – York
Joshua N. Lewis BS PA – York
Ireland M. Maher BA PA – York
Robert C Markey BS PA – York
Aimee L Martin BSED PA – York
Emma Martin BSBA PA – York
Kaitlyn R. McCann BA PA – York
Aldo Mendez BS PA – York
Hunter G. Milliner BS PA – York
Lewis N Minor BA PA – York
Zachary R. Mummert BSBA PA – York
Kwame D. Myers BA PA – York
Evan M Paules BS PA – York
Alek T. Payne BS PA – York
Colton Peters BSBA PA – York
Christina A Pinto BSBA PA – York
Hannah D Plotkin BSED PA – York
Cole A Poff BS PA – York
Alex E. Pyle BSBA PA – York
Taylor N. Radziewicz BS PA – York
Jamilyn R. Smith BSBA PA – York
Jordyn F. Smyser BS PA – York
Dalton Z. Stacho BSBA PA – York
Elizabeth A Wood BS PA – York
Duncan F. Katzenberger BA MD – Anne Arundel
Angela-Marie Boeren BSW MD – Baltimore
Drew Dailey BSBA MD – Baltimore
Sam Winebrenner BSBA MD – Baltimore
Bradley M. Cole BS MD – Carroll
Chase C. Estes BSBA MD – Carroll
Bethany A Stoll BS MD – Carroll
Caleb M. Taylor BS MD – Carroll
Luca F. Facchine BS MD – Cecil
Ellie Kuhn BA MD – Cecil
Katelyn N. Dawson BSED MD – Frederick
Conor M Faron BS MD – Frederick
Caroline E Forsyth BSED MD – Frederick
Rachel J. Hastie BSW MD – Frederick
Ryan C. Leyh BSBA MD – Frederick
Hailey N. Macananny BSED MD – Frederick
McKenzie J Pope BS MD – Frederick
Nicole L. Schulok BSED MD – Frederick
Andrew W Shaffer BSBA MD – Frederick
James D Wilburn BSBA MD – Frederick
James E Blake BS MD – Harford
James E Blake UCRT MD – Harford
Shelby L. Hay BS MD – Harford
Madison A. Mullen BSED MD – Harford
Andrew J. Plowman BSBA MD – Harford
Kenneth L. Crown BSED MD – Howard
Tyler J. Dickover BSBA MD – Howard
Manisha Kapoor BS MD – Montgomery
Sara A. Fletcher BS MD – St. Mary’s
Deborah Aquino BS MD – Washington
Maxwell Bresee BS MD – Washington
Sarah E Demuth BSBA MD – Washington
Reiner E. Heydemann BSBA MD – Washington
Leah M. Hoskins BSW MD – Washington
Nathan E. Hughes BA MD – Washington
Claire L. Knepper BSW MD – Washington
Nicole A McCarthy BSBA MD – Washington
Maura K. Mears BS MD – Wicomico
Raymond D. Armstrong BSBA DE – New Castle
Joseph D. Cintavey BS DE – New Castle
Seth N. Miller BS DE – New Castle
Savannah Turcol BS DE – New Castle
David N. Pollak BS DE – Sussex
Nequwan Ali BS NJ – Camden
Brady C. Cannizzaro BA NJ – Morris
Gabrielle Skroczky BA NJ – Ocean
Dominique Simeone BS NJ – Sussex
Calvin Ng BSBA NY – Queens
Haley A. Cruz BS NY – Suffolk
Tyler Olsen BSED NY – Suffolk
Jackson LoBianco BSBA CA Orange
Alexandra M. Leitner BA CO-Douglas
Sabrina Linzau BSED DC-District Of Columbia
Brad S. Porter BA GA – Chatham
Emma J. Flattery BS MI-Macomb
Marina N. Cote BSBA NE-Sarpy
Kayla Goubeaux BA OH-Miami
Joshua T. Harris BA VA – Culpeper
Isabelle A. Gulgert BSW VA – Fairfax
Andrew R Hale BSED VA – Fairfax
Morgan Wyatt BS VA – Henrico
Andrew C. Haynes BS Canada
Merel C. Hoekstra BSBA Netherlands
Jessica M Chinikaylo BSBA *Out Of State
Courtney E. Graf BSED *Out Of State
Ripley Rexroth BS *Out Of State
Brianna Russ BA *Out Of State
Karina Sahli BS *Out Of State
Allison R. Goodhart BSBA
Katie Martino BSBA