Shippensburg University was awarded a $275,000 grant from the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration in support of its South-Central Career Development and Readiness Initiative. The program is supported 100% by federal funds. The grant supports Shippensburg University’s Center for Career and Workforce Development Frontline Leadership and Construction Industry initiatives and was made possible with the support of US Senator Bob Casey.

“The South-Central Pennsylvania Career Development and Readiness Initiative uplifts working families in Franklin and Cumberland Counties as well as the surrounding region by preparing workers to succeed in roles ranging from entry-level to leadership,” said Senator Casey.“I fought for this award to ensure that Shippensburg University has the resources necessary to provide all workers, including those from underserved communities, with sought-after technical skill courses, programs, and certifications. By investing in the people of South-Central Pennsylvania, we are creating the Commonwealth’s next generation of leaders.”

The Frontline Leadership Program will train and upskill 90 incumbent employees within local business and industry. Participants will learn the skills necessary for sustainable and growth-driven business practices such as increasing sales, forecasting and increasing supply efficiencies and practical techniques to become stronger and more inclusive leaders.

The Construction Industry Program is for underemployed or unemployed adults and youth who seek an overview of the industry. Individuals will receive essential career readiness skills with introductory technical training, ensuring participants are well-prepared to succeed in entry level construction-related roles. The curriculum includes construction fundamentals, site safety protocols and industry-specific terminology.

“We are grateful for US Senator Bob Casey for sponsoring our grant request and supporting the work we are doing within our region. These programs are a direct response to the needs of the business and industry leaders in our area and we’re excited to deliver impactful programs that will support Pennsylvania’s economy and advance its workforce,” said Lorelee Isbell, associate vice president for the Center for Career and Workforce Development.

The purpose of the Shippensburg University South-Central Pennsylvania Career Development and Readiness Initiative works to fortify and uplift the local and regional community through a transformative university-led endeavor focused on career readiness and workforce development. This multifaceted initiative aims to expand access to training and development opportunities, catering to the needs of unemployed, underemployed, and incumbent workers striving for advancement in their professional trajectories. Delivered with flexibility, the initiative accommodates various modalities and scheduling, ensuring responsiveness to the diverse needs of participants.

“As the flagship public university in our region, we are charged with working to create a robust economic and workforce ecosystem. We are committed to a solution-focused model that supports the training and retaining of current employees and identifying and capitalizing on areas of growth. We are thankful for this grant and the support of Senator Casey, as it allows us to continue our important work in preparing and promoting the talent within our regional workforce,” said Dr. Charles E. Patterson, president of Shippensburg University.

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