On Friday, May 3, Shippensburg University revealed a new campus Archway, commemorating his legacy as a devoted Shippensburg community member, alumnus and dedicated professional within education. The ceremony was attended by many esteemed guests and university officials, honoring Coy’s commitment to education and public service and the symbol behind the archway. 

Dr. Charles E. Patterson, president of Shippensburg University, welcomed attendees and passionately spoke about the purpose of the archway. He emphasized its role as a gateway to transformative educational experiences and its ability to bring people from all walks of life together. It symbolizes the beginning of a new journey for students as the center of the university and again when they walk through it again upon graduating. “This archway represents an access point for individuals to expand their minds”. Coy was a man who strongly believed in increasing access to higher education, and the archway now stands as a testament to this core value that he held dearly. 

Patterson then welcomed Jo Anne Coy, Jeff’s wife, to the podium. She started by sharing a special memory, stating that she and her husband first met one another in the Memorial Auditorium, right behind the archway, during their time in the choir as students. She spoke highly about Jeff’s life and his remarkable character. Born and raised in Shippensburg, he remained deeply connected to his hometown and never stopped advocating for Shippensburg’s education system and for the university. During his time in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, he supported many important projects and sponsored legislation to improve education for all, starting from preschool all the way to higher education.

The Chair of SU Council of Trustees, Mr. Douglas Harbach also highlighted Coy’s unwavering dedication to Ship and to education. He noted that Coy was heavily involved at Ship, some of the work he did being visible and some remaining invisible. He also emphasized that Coy was a natural born leader and that he had a strong desire to motivate others to be leaders as well. “One of the things he knew he could leave behind was nurturing others into leadership.” 

Dr. Anthony Ceddia, president emeritus of Shippensburg University, described Coy as a man of integrity and compassion. He also explained that Coy was always looking for ways to enhance the education system and give back to Ship. “He believed deeply in the notion of what this university did for him, Jo Anne and thousands of other students.” Ceddia recognized that the archway will forever honor Coy and his achievements and better yet, his spirit and unwavering commitment towards the betterment of education and Ship. “We not only celebrate the legacy of Coy, we celebrate the purpose of this institution”. 

The dedication ceremony was followed by a ribbon-cutting. Led by Mrs. Jo Anne Coy, symbolizing the official unveiling of the archway. Dr. Charles E. Patterson, Dr. Anthony Ceddia, and Dr. Jody Harpster, past president of Ship, all walked through the archway with Jo Anne Coy. 

Shippensburg University Archway Honors Jeffrey W. Coy’s Legacy

Mrs. Jo Anne Coy uncovering the plaque displayed on the archway, honoring her late husband, Jeffrey W. Coy.

The Jeffrey W. Coy Archway represents Coy’s legacy and the importance of education, service and community. The archway will allow future generations the opportunity to walk through and feel the symbolic nature that its path represents, ensuring that Coy’s spirit lives on.