On May 10th, The Graduate School at Shippensburg University held its commencement ceremony. Congratulations to the 230 students who are joining Ship’s alumni network of more than 70,000 Raiders!

*This listing is not an official indication of graduation. The SU diploma or an official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers,  is the official testimony of the conferring of a degree. 

Publication Name Publication Degree Publication County
Grace E. Dolan MED PA – Adams
Brian M. Granger EDD PA – Adams
Olivia Hartlaub MBA PA – Adams
Brooke K Hull MS PA – Adams
Cassidy Keilholtz MS PA – Adams
Spencer Kemmerzell MS PA – Adams
Jordan T. Miller MBA PA – Adams
Madelynn B. Moodie MED PA – Adams
Kacie M. Young MED PA – Adams
EmmaRose Carothers MSW PA – Allegheny
Laura Childs MS PA – Allegheny
Patrick E. Bonner MS PA – Beaver
Nicole Miller MS PA – Beaver
Courtney J. Neville MED PA – Bedford
Megan N. Shaffer MS PA – Bedford
Barbara D. Dancy MS PA – Berks
Nathan Harding MBA PA – Berks
Elise M Jackson MS PA – Berks
Taylor A Miller MED PA – Blair
Alexia M. Servello MED PA – Blair
Elijah Flood MS PA – Bradford
Alexis B. Bookard MS PA – Bucks
Skylin R Garner MS PA – Bucks
Theresa J. Haug MS PA – Bucks
Nicole Kontra MS PA – Bucks
Maddi Dzurko MBA PA – Cambria
Katrina M. Lee EDD PA – Centre
Russell Jensen MBA PA – Chester
Ayushi Siddhu MS PA – Chester
Sydney M. Haedrich MS PA – Columbia
Hassan B. Aden MSW PA – Cumberland
Nathan C. Alexander MS PA – Cumberland
Valentina P. Alonso MBA PA – Cumberland
BrieAnn N. Arnsberger MED PA – Cumberland
Elana Baty MS PA – Cumberland
Erika E Bauer MS PA – Cumberland
Hannah Borkenhagen MA PA – Cumberland
Emily Bowman MSW PA – Cumberland
Emily Bowman PBCT PA – Cumberland
Alia L Claggett MSW PA – Cumberland
Regan L. Craig MSW PA – Cumberland
Kelsey M. Dunkle MPA PA – Cumberland
Brandon Fanus MS PA – Cumberland
Kara Fetter MPA PA – Cumberland
Brittany Galosi MED PA – Cumberland
Hannah J. Giffin MBA PA – Cumberland
Hayden Hunt MBA PA – Cumberland
Todd R. Johnson MSW PA – Cumberland
Grace Keller MS PA – Cumberland
Grace E. Kyle MBA PA – Cumberland
Regina G. Lachemann MS PA – Cumberland
Daniel Lewis MA PA – Cumberland
Katina L. Maddox EDD PA – Cumberland
Jessica R. Maser MED PA – Cumberland
Brianna M. Mincer MSW PA – Cumberland
Lisa Marie Montgomery MSW PA – Cumberland
Lisa Marie Montgomery PBCT PA – Cumberland
Ompreet K. Nandra MBA PA – Cumberland
Trisha L. Neibert Reed EDD PA – Cumberland
Cassandra L Newcomer MED PA – Cumberland
Lucy Ng MBA PA – Cumberland
Erin R. Niedzwiecki MED PA – Cumberland
Morgan J. O’Donnell MSW PA – Cumberland
Morgan J. O’Donnell PBCT PA – Cumberland
Shamsa H Omar MSW PA – Cumberland
Savannah Rhodes MS PA – Cumberland
Marissa D. Riedy MSW PA – Cumberland
Joshua A. Smith MS PA – Cumberland
Courtney A. Spengler MED PA – Cumberland
James Sterner MA PA – Cumberland
Neysa E. Thomas MS PA – Cumberland
Blair M. Walborn MBA PA – Cumberland
Sophia Wall MS PA – Cumberland
Beira G. Wamian Epse NDA MBA PA – Cumberland
Meredith L. Warner MED PA – Cumberland
Katie Whitney MSW PA – Cumberland
Mia A. Williams MED PA – Cumberland
Contrell L Armor MS PA – Dauphin
Meghan Baddorf MBA PA – Dauphin
Mark J. Billante MED PA – Dauphin
Lynne Carrell MED PA – Dauphin
Melinda S. Enck MS PA – Dauphin
Vincent Harper EDD PA – Dauphin
Megan Herigan MSW PA – Dauphin
Chad R. Lister MA PA – Dauphin
Justin Marella MSW PA – Dauphin
Abdoul Kadri Moumouni Hassane MS PA – Dauphin
Samantha Neidlinger EDD PA – Dauphin
Alyssa M. Parson MS PA – Dauphin
Malik A Potter MS PA – Dauphin
Cortney N. Quaca MS PA – Dauphin
Jocelyn M. Rainey-Semanco MSW PA – Dauphin
Jocelyn M. Rainey-Semanco PBCT PA – Dauphin
Cody Ramer MBA PA – Dauphin
Gayle M. Smink MBA PA – Dauphin
Alasia C. Stevenson MS PA – Dauphin
Alise Stiffler MS PA – Dauphin
Christina M. Williams MBA PA – Dauphin
Shayne Yonchiuk MSW PA – Dauphin
Shayne Yonchiuk PBCT PA – Dauphin
Benjamin Abel MSW PA – Franklin
Birgitta A. Bauer MPA PA – Franklin
Autumn F. Busser MED PA – Franklin
Marcus Carter MSW PA – Franklin
Jonathan L. Creager MA PA – Franklin
Kelly S. Dryzal EDD PA – Franklin
Aurora Florek MS PA – Franklin
Jean N. Goodnack MSW PA – Franklin
Jennifer A. Harfst MSW PA – Franklin
Samantha G. Haskell-Evans MSW PA – Franklin
Samantha G. Haskell-Evans PBCT PA – Franklin
Stacy H. Henderson MED PA – Franklin
Jena Houser MSW PA – Franklin
Kendall Johnson MSW PA – Franklin
Kendall Johnson PBCT PA – Franklin
Chloe E. Kovacik MED PA – Franklin
Eric M Krinks MED PA – Franklin
Skylar M. Lambert MS PA – Franklin
Sierra I. Lehman MED PA – Franklin
Nickolas Logan MBA PA – Franklin
Curlista Martin MED PA – Franklin
Morgan L. McCartney MBA PA – Franklin
Alexis B. Miller MBA PA – Franklin
Emily R. Murray MS PA – Franklin
Jordan P. O’Donnell MSW PA – Franklin
Colyn W. Parham MBA PA – Franklin
Emily A Parsons MS PA – Franklin
Oliver B. Perry MS PA – Franklin
Kerri Potteiger MSW PA – Franklin
Madison L Renfroe MSW PA – Franklin
Emily S. Rhine MED PA – Franklin
Makayla Scofield MSW PA – Franklin
Jessica L. Sempowski MS PA – Franklin
James V. Smetzer MA PA – Franklin
Sheryl Snider MA PA – Franklin
Josie M. Snyder MS PA – Franklin
Dakota Vallelonga MS PA – Franklin
Karla M. Vela MBA PA – Franklin
Benjamin A Voight MS PA – Franklin
Shania J Washabaugh MED PA – Franklin
Skyler M. Waters MBA PA – Franklin
Rhyan Zeek MBA PA – Franklin
Leah Seville MBA PA – Fulton
Shayna Scott MSW PA – Huntingdon
Shayna Scott PBCT PA – Huntingdon
Jennifer Gaston EDD PA – Jefferson
Matthew A Wehrle MS PA – Jefferson
Tiffany Anello MS PA – Lackawanna
Abigail Cosgrove MS PA – Lackawanna
Justin Byler MBA PA – Lancaster
Kaitlyn M. Hoerner MS PA – Lancaster
Liza Kuhn MS PA – Lancaster
Kyle J. Myers MS PA – Lancaster
Chase Slenker MBA PA – Lancaster
Timothy W. Steinhart MS PA – Lancaster
Destiny Wade MSW PA – Lancaster
Josh Wagner MED PA – Lebanon
Emily R. Mitman MS PA – Lehigh
Christopher Duff MS PA – Lycoming
Concetta Fischetti MBA PA – Lycoming
Emma E. Hartung MS PA – Lycoming
Alycia R. LaLuz MS PA – Lycoming
Emily A. Jackson MS PA – Mercer
Alyssa Nehlen MS PA – Mercer
Levi P. Peterson MS PA – Mifflin
Erica Weaver MBA PA – Mifflin
Oghor G Eregare MS PA – Monroe
Karla Montes MS PA – Monroe
Alexa L Aglira MBA PA – Montgomery
Kyle Alber MS PA – Montgomery
Ryan R. Cleary MS PA – Montgomery
May A. Holm MS PA – Montgomery
Leah Young MS PA – Montgomery
Kenny Bell MS PA – Northampton
Michelle L. Dologite MS PA – Northampton
Francesca Forti MS PA – Northumberland
Gabrielle E. Barrick MED PA – Perry
Amy Rabin MSW PA – Perry
Amy Rabin MPA PA – Perry
Julia M. Sanders MED PA – Perry
Cori N. Zeigler MED PA – Perry
Emilio Albright MBA PA – Philadelphia
Christopher Espinosa MS PA – Philadelphia
MaShawn L. Morris-Purnell MS PA – Philadelphia
Isaiah M. Murray MS PA – Philadelphia
Omar J. Negron MS PA – Philadelphia
Austin Correll MBA PA – Schuylkill
Tessa M. Brenize MED PA – York
Kiley Buser MS PA – York
Noreaga O. Goff MSW PA – York
Noreaga O. Goff MPA PA – York
Emily Landis MED PA – York
Maelynn A. Leber MS PA – York
Kathryn McGonigal MED PA – York
Elizabeth A. Pawlus MBA PA – York
Alyssa Rankin MS PA – York
Matthew Shortall MS PA – York
Olivia R. Snare MBA PA – York
Kierstan Spangler MS PA – York
Patrick J. Walker MS PA – York
Elizabeth A Wood MS PA – York
Angela-Marie Boeren MSW MD – Baltimore
Angela-Marie Boeren PBCT MD – Baltimore
Drew Dailey MBA MD – Baltimore
Brittan J. Sweeney MS MD – Frederick
Andrew J. Plowman MBA MD – Harford
Ira J. Branch MS MD – Howard
Ryan J. Gleason MS MD – Montgomery
Kristine Baisa MBA MD – Washington
Delilah S Harne MS MD – Washington
Leah M. Hoskins MSW MD – Washington
Claire Knepper MSW MD – Washington
Megan Simmons MSW MD – Washington
Carly Tubbs MS MD – Washington
Savannah Turcol MS DE – New Castle
Tyler W. Cobb MS NJ – Gloucester
Brady Cannizzaro MS NJ – Morris
Grace L. Cocanower MS NJ – Ocean
Alexis S. Worley MSW CA – Riverside
Bobby Stinnette EDD DC-District Of Columbia
Quiana M. Souder MS GA – Clayton
Jordan A. Zercher MSW NH-Strafford
Madi White MS VA – Loudoun
Tejaswini Bellam MS India
Cindy Le MS
Nicholas J Rosso MBA