On Saturday, May 11th, Shippensburg University hosted its 2024 spring undergraduate commencement ceremony, proudly awarding  diplomas to 718 candidates.

*This listing is not an official indication of graduation. The SU diploma or an official transcript, signed and sealed by the proper officers,  is the official testimony of the conferring of a degree. 



Home County

Cameron L. Brenneman BS PA – Adams
Cameron L. Brenneman UCRT PA – Adams
Dallas Brown BSBA PA – Adams
Madison F Clabaugh BA PA – Adams
Amber M. Clouser BSED PA – Adams
Cecilia A Courtright BA PA – Adams
John W. Dickey BSED PA – Adams
Brooke Fravel BS PA – Adams
Delilah E Garcia BSED PA – Adams
Tayshawn A. Golden BSBA PA – Adams
Erik L Gonzalez BS PA – Adams
Frederick G. Hardman BS PA – Adams
Amanda S. Hollabaugh BSBA PA – Adams
Logan Kane BA PA – Adams
Kaidon R. Kraemer BA PA – Adams
Kaidon R. Kraemer UCRT PA – Adams
Cheri M. Larkin-Zachary BA PA – Adams
Gabby McCalla BSBA PA – Adams
Kaitlyn R. McMaster BSBA PA – Adams
Rose Miller BA PA – Adams
David J. Moffatt BSBA PA – Adams
Henry J Mooney BA PA – Adams
Alyssa M. Nahory BSED PA – Adams
Tia L Santana BSED PA – Adams
Caitlin Skrutskie BA PA – Adams
Caitlyn N. Smith BSBA PA – Adams
Emily R. Swartz BS PA – Adams
Derek Tosten BSBA PA – Adams
Michael J. Young BSBA PA – Adams
Austin B Dorman BSED PA – Allegheny
Carly J Switala BS PA – Allegheny
Mariah A. Wasko BS PA – Allegheny
Samuel D. Auker BSBA PA – Bedford
Nicholas M. Collare BSED PA – Bedford
Hannah R Davis BSBA PA – Bedford
Lindsey G Foor BSBA PA – Bedford
Madison L. Frye BSBA PA – Bedford
Lea N Holler BA PA – Bedford
Brett A Kalfas BS PA – Bedford
Allyson M. Ritchey BA PA – Bedford
Allyson M. Ritchey UCRT PA – Bedford
Stephanie Runyon BSBA PA – Bedford
Ian Sherlock BS PA – Bedford
Joshua D. Strayer BS PA – Bedford
Lawrence R. Waters BSBA PA – Bedford
Chelsea A. Abreu Carbajal BS PA – Berks
Alyson E. Bates BSED PA – Berks
Lanie R Boyce BA PA – Berks
Logan W Brigle BSBA PA – Berks
Emily C. Brown BA PA – Berks
Rangeline DeJesus BA PA – Berks
Rangeline DeJesus UCRT PA – Berks
Joshua D. Emge BA PA – Berks
Samuel J. Emge BSBA PA – Berks
Matt Feeney BSBA PA – Berks
Dominic P. Gaspari BSBA PA – Berks
Paige L. Graber BS PA – Berks
Jordan R Horn BA PA – Berks
Elena Monique A. Irons BS PA – Berks
Rebecca S. Lecatsas BS PA – Berks
Morgan E Lindsay BS PA – Berks
Andrew J McConnell BSED PA – Berks
Jack T Miller BSBA PA – Berks
Jenna B. Price BA PA – Berks
Cassidy R. Rittenhouse BS PA – Berks
Madison P Stichter BSBA PA – Berks
Cristal O. Tineo Gomez BS PA – Berks
Norah Vallon BSBA PA – Berks
Emily A. Velez BA PA – Berks
Jean C. Ventura BS PA – Berks
Theresa A. Weber BA PA – Berks
Megan E Weiss BS PA – Berks
Jack R. Ziegler BSBA PA – Berks
Catherine A. Anderson BSBA PA – Blair
Alicia Endress BS PA – Blair
Michael D. Folcarelli BSBA PA – Blair
Joslyn Frazier BSBA PA – Blair
Camryn Hoff BS PA – Blair
Tamara R Smith BSBA PA – Blair
Lillian M. Wolford BSBA PA – Blair
Ethan W. Bauman BA PA – Bucks
Joshua M. Boyda BS PA – Bucks
Justin T. Brown BA PA – Bucks
Jenna N Degner BSED PA – Bucks
Alison M. Lang BS PA – Bucks
Alison M. Lang UCRT PA – Bucks
Garrett Leonard BS PA – Bucks
Jackson S. McGuire BSBA PA – Bucks
Russell A. Mercatanti BS PA – Bucks
Justin Schwartz BSBA PA – Bucks
Nicole Tamburini BSED PA – Bucks
Kylie J Tinner BS PA – Bucks
Carley Wagner BA PA – Bucks
Daulton H. Zeaman BS PA – Bucks
Jonathan M Schaefer BSBA PA – Butler
Ellie I. Puryear BSBA PA – Cambria
Emma G. Schappell BSBA PA – Carbon
Alexander Boeckel BSBA PA – Centre
Dylan T Homan BSBA PA – Centre
Kelsey Hull BS PA – Centre
Kelsey Hull UCRT PA – Centre
Elizabeth Peters BA PA – Centre
Bryce Alexis BA PA – Chester
Kevin J. Castelluccio BS PA – Chester
Whitman Daly BSBA PA – Chester
Christian Fleitas BA PA – Chester
Ekaterina D. Hampton BS PA – Chester
Wayne C Jaeschke BS PA – Chester
Hailey A. Johnson BS PA – Chester
Hailey A. Johnson UCRT PA – Chester
Matthew A. Kenney BA PA – Chester
Jordan M. Kern BSBA PA – Chester
Brian M. Keser


PA – Chester

Eric Kirk

BSBA PA – Chester
Connor M. Long BS PA – Chester
Morgan B Lucas BS PA – Chester
Jala T. Parks BS PA – Chester
Jade M. Pennyman BA PA – Chester
Jackson R. Scheck BSBA PA – Chester
Kira J. St.Clair BA PA – Chester
Skylar R Sullivan BA PA – Chester
Kevin Wagner BSBA PA – Chester
Liz Cochran BSED PA – Clearfield
Jeffrey P. Grimes BSED PA – Clearfield
Abigail R. Holenchik BA PA – Clearfield
Alison M Groshek BS PA – Columbia
Mohamed Aboud BS PA – Cumberland
Joseph E. Aulenbacher BS PA – Cumberland
Kyra M. Bachman BSBA

PA – Cumberland

Matthew J. Barden BSED PA – Cumberland
Joseph C. Baxter BA PA – Cumberland
Kacey D. Bell BA PA – Cumberland
Kenneth J. Blessing BS PA – Cumberland
Paige M. Bortner BSBA PA – Cumberland
Mikayla D. Bretz BSED PA – Cumberland
Matthew J. Bridges BA PA – Cumberland
Kellin R. Brownewell BSW PA – Cumberland
Jody L. Burdge BS PA – Cumberland
Megan Calvanelli BSW PA – Cumberland
Justin J. Centobene BSBA PA – Cumberland
Camryn L. Cerminaro BSBA PA – Cumberland
Olivia M. Chovanes BA PA – Cumberland
Ashley L. Chrencik BSBA PA – Cumberland
Jack J. Clerkin BS PA – Cumberland
Allison G. Confair BSBA PA – Cumberland
Alexis M Cook BSW PA – Cumberland
Natasha Cover BSED PA – Cumberland
Natasha K. Detweiler BA PA – Cumberland
Carson L Devitt BA PA – Cumberland
Anthony DiMaggio BS PA – Cumberland
Elaina M. Dodge BSED PA – Cumberland
Gavin G. Donley BSBA PA – Cumberland
Omario P. Duncan BSBA PA – Cumberland
Leah M. Eichelberger BSBA PA – Cumberland
Ezra F. Epperly BA PA – Cumberland
Alexis M. Estep BS PA – Cumberland
Ayanle I. Farah BSBA PA – Cumberland
Mercedes Favor BA PA – Cumberland
Jenna R Fetter BSED PA – Cumberland
Luke J. Flynn BS PA – Cumberland
Luke J. Flynn UCRT PA – Cumberland
Luke J. Flynn UCRT PA – Cumberland
Luke J. Flynn UCRT PA – Cumberland
Patrick J France BA PA – Cumberland
Allison P. Frick BSBA PA – Cumberland
Tyler J. Fritz BS PA – Cumberland
Noah I. Gatuz BS PA – Cumberland
Kyler M. Gerson BSBA PA – Cumberland
Lydia Gleim BSBA PA – Cumberland
Taryn L. Good BA PA – Cumberland
Byron T. Green BS PA – Cumberland
Skyler A Hammaker BA PA – Cumberland
Samuel M. Hanks BS PA – Cumberland
Kennedy G. Harbaugh BSED PA – Cumberland
Nicole D. Hardy BS PA – Cumberland
Elizabeth Hawke BA PA – Cumberland
Drew N. Hawkins BS PA – Cumberland
Luke S Henry BS PA – Cumberland
Spencer H. Hooper BS PA – Cumberland
Ajay R. Horton BSED PA – Cumberland
Katlyn P Hoskins BSED PA – Cumberland
Edin Hrbatovic BSBA PA – Cumberland
Annetta M. Hurst BS PA – Cumberland
Annetta M. Hurst UCRT PA – Cumberland
Tristessa M Iski BS PA – Cumberland
Cammie N. Jenkins BSED PA – Cumberland
Christopher Johnson BA PA – Cumberland
Christopher Johnson UCRT PA – Cumberland
Almedin Jusufovic BSBA PA – Cumberland
Kenzi E. Kapp BS PA – Cumberland
Kenzi E. Kapp UCRT PA – Cumberland
Ashley G. Kennedy BS PA – Cumberland
Ian R. King BS PA – Cumberland
Tyler W. Kirby BSBA PA – Cumberland
Andrew S Kitner BSBA PA – Cumberland
McKenna G. Kratz BSED PA – Cumberland
Annabel J. Krebs BSED PA – Cumberland
Isabella J. Lee BSBA PA – Cumberland
Megan S Lee BS PA – Cumberland
Robert J. Lissner BS PA – Cumberland
Anne E Long BA PA – Cumberland
Ian M. Loscher BS PA – Cumberland
Amber C. Loyd BSED PA – Cumberland
Delaney E. McWilliams BSED PA – Cumberland
Colby L. Miller BSBA PA – Cumberland
John W. Miller BS PA – Cumberland
John W. Miller UCRT PA – Cumberland
Malaki A Miller BS PA – Cumberland
Naz Miner BS PA – Cumberland
Natalia Modesto BA PA – Cumberland
Hassan A Mohamed BSBA PA – Cumberland
Madison R. Monger BS PA – Cumberland
Madison R. Monger UCRT PA – Cumberland
Bailey L. Morrison BSED PA – Cumberland
Jessica Mullis BA PA – Cumberland
Emily R. Myers BS PA – Cumberland
Andrew C. Norman BA PA – Cumberland
Kia M. O’Quinn BA PA – Cumberland
Shawn M. Orner BS PA – Cumberland
Harun Pacavar BA PA – Cumberland
Karan N. Parekh BS PA – Cumberland
Charmi Patel BS PA – Cumberland
Andrew Pelow BSBA PA – Cumberland
Marcelo L. Pereira BA PA – Cumberland
Jimmy D. Permenter BS PA – Cumberland
Brock M. Piper BSBA PA – Cumberland
Isabela J. Ramirez BS PA – Cumberland
Isabela J. Ramirez UCRT PA – Cumberland
Pierce J Rand BSBA PA – Cumberland
Christa Rine BSED PA – Cumberland
Alaska Roberts BS PA – Cumberland
Alaska Roberts UCRT PA – Cumberland
Abby Rosendale BSED PA – Cumberland
Mattie Round BS PA – Cumberland
Mattie Round UCRT PA – Cumberland
Eric M. Ruiz BSBA PA – Cumberland
Morgan A. Saunders BSBA PA – Cumberland
Sydney A. Sayles BSBA PA – Cumberland
Jarett C Scott BSBA PA – Cumberland
Thomas Scott BSBA PA – Cumberland
Matthew D. Sechrist BSBA PA – Cumberland
Anthony C. Shires BS PA – Cumberland
Andrew W. Shutty BSW PA – Cumberland
Rose O Shwani BSBA PA – Cumberland
Matthew G. Smith BA PA – Cumberland
Mia M. Snow BSW PA – Cumberland
Lydia G Snyder BSW PA – Cumberland
Jessica F. Staley BS PA – Cumberland
John W. Stewart BS PA – Cumberland
Anna M. Stoner BS PA – Cumberland
Jared M. Strickland BSBA PA – Cumberland
Justin M. Strickland BSBA PA – Cumberland
Tristyn A. Sulich BSBA PA – Cumberland
Ralph E. Sumpter BS PA – Cumberland
Aidan E. Swank BA PA – Cumberland
Aidan E. Swank UCRT PA – Cumberland
Lael V. Thomas BA PA – Cumberland
Jenna Trolinger BSED PA – Cumberland
Mike Vigliano BSBA PA – Cumberland
Isley G. Ward BSED PA – Cumberland
Avery C Warrick BSBA PA – Cumberland
Braxton O. Witmer BS PA – Cumberland
Braxton O. Witmer UCRT PA – Cumberland
Tylor P. Yakaitis BSED PA – Cumberland
Nicholas R Yosler BSED PA – Cumberland
Avery J Young BS PA – Cumberland
Riley W. Bemis BSBA PA – Dauphin
Alexandra R. Bennett BSED PA – Dauphin
Makenna R. Chappell BSED PA – Dauphin
Noriana J Cooley BSBA PA – Dauphin
Ian J. Davis BSBA PA – Dauphin
Kasey D. Eras BSBA PA – Dauphin
Celeste J Grob BSED PA – Dauphin
Makayla R. Henry BA PA – Dauphin
Jackson R. Hoy BSBA PA – Dauphin
Ethan J. Koppenhaver BS PA – Dauphin
Zachary J Landis BSBA PA – Dauphin
Vincent Le BSBA PA – Dauphin
Gabrielle C. Longreen BSED PA – Dauphin
Imani G. McCray BS PA – Dauphin
Jordan R. McIntosh BA PA – Dauphin
Jordan R. McIntosh UCRT PA – Dauphin
Shania K. McMillon BSW PA – Dauphin
Emily R. Sload BSBA PA – Dauphin
John D Sweigart BS PA – Dauphin
Anizia Thomas BS PA – Dauphin
Jenna K. Walmer BSBA PA – Dauphin
Megan A. Williamson BA PA – Dauphin
Aniyah N. Budd BS PA – Delaware
Michelle D. Burton BA PA – Delaware
Kayla E. Harley BA PA – Delaware
Kayla E. Harley UCRT PA – Delaware
Tayshon Harmon BSBA PA – Delaware
Ryan S. Harvey BSBA PA – Delaware
Megan E. Little BSED PA – Delaware
Mamadou Toure BA PA – Delaware
Hailey D Wilcox BS PA – Delaware
Victoria M. Glatt BA PA – Elk
Melissa M. Abbott BA PA – Franklin
Ainslee E. Ackerman BS PA – Franklin
Barbara L. Arnold BSED PA – Franklin
Annah Barahona BSW PA – Franklin
Cydney M. Baranowske BA PA – Franklin
Olivia L. Barnhart BSBA PA – Franklin
Matthew P. Bialko BA PA – Franklin
Ian I Brechbiel BSBA PA – Franklin
JaJuan A. Brown BS PA – Franklin
Alyssa Brunner BA PA – Franklin
Timothy Burdette BS PA – Franklin
Timothy Burdette UCRT PA – Franklin
Caitlyn E. Caffee BSED PA – Franklin
Jerry A. Carbo BA PA – Franklin
Olivia G. Cason BA PA – Franklin
Ethan J. Cernicky BSBA PA – Franklin
Caroline E Chandler BSED PA – Franklin
Vicky C. Chavez BSBA PA – Franklin
Mya E Chilcote BA PA – Franklin
Stephen Cobbs BSBA PA – Franklin
Sharon E. Coons BA PA – Franklin
Claire C. Cooper BSED PA – Franklin
Hannah G. Cornell BA PA – Franklin
Isabella M Cyr BS PA – Franklin
Shelby Delaney BSED PA – Franklin
Benjamin R. Dewease BS PA – Franklin
Bryce C Diller BSBA PA – Franklin
Kyleigh Dillon BA PA – Franklin
Taylor C. Fernandez Delara BS PA – Franklin
Caden R. Ficks BS PA – Franklin
Jordan A. Flook BS PA – Franklin
Jordan A. Flook UCRT PA – Franklin
Kylee L Frey BS PA – Franklin
Hunter C. Garcia BSBA PA – Franklin
Caleb B. Gayman BS PA – Franklin
Mason G. Gembe BSBA PA – Franklin
Bradley D Griffin BSBA PA – Franklin
Alma Y. Guerrero-Evaristo BA PA – Franklin
Theodore S. Haas BA PA – Franklin
Abbie H. Hailey-Watson BS PA – Franklin
Emma J. Harshman BSED PA – Franklin
Quinlynn E. Hayner BA PA – Franklin
Quinlynn E. Hayner UCRT PA – Franklin
Jacob B Helfrick BSBA PA – Franklin
Ty M. Holsopple BS PA – Franklin
Corbin W. Hopkins BS PA – Franklin
Milissa Hunsecker BA PA – Franklin
Tiarra N. Husband BSBA PA – Franklin
Shamecea Ignacio BSW PA – Franklin
Ainsley N Kaiser BSED PA – Franklin
Ashlyn L. Katavitch BSED PA – Franklin
Alli H. Lomison BA PA – Franklin
Kylee M. Long BS PA – Franklin
Jacob Marotte BSBA PA – Franklin
Ethan Miller BSBA PA – Franklin
Marlina E Myers BA PA – Franklin
Taylor B. Myers BSED PA – Franklin
Emilio W. Ortiz BS PA – Franklin
Emilio W. Ortiz UCRT PA – Franklin
Uladis G. Osuna-Montes BA PA – Franklin
Sean M. Palmer BS PA – Franklin
Mansi Patel BS PA – Franklin
Rachel Peak BSW PA – Franklin
Kara A Peck BSED PA – Franklin
Nicholas J Pellegrino BSBA PA – Franklin
Nicholas J Pellegrino UCRT PA – Franklin
Stefany Y. Perez BA PA – Franklin
Allen D. Peterson BSED PA – Franklin
Taylor J Petrunak BS PA – Franklin
Chase M. Plausky BSBA PA – Franklin
Aidan T. Pooler BS PA – Franklin
Tadhg Pooler BS PA – Franklin
Cade Reed BS PA – Franklin
Kobe A. Rego BSBA PA – Franklin

Connor W. Ressler

BSBA PA – Franklin
Carson E. Rhodes BA PA – Franklin
Alondra Rivera-Martinez BA PA – Franklin
Alondra Rivera-Martinez UCRT PA – Franklin
Carolina Rodriguez Sanchez BSBA PA – Franklin
Jeremy E Satyawan Putra BA PA – Franklin
Brynn N. Schoenberger BS PA – Franklin
Gracie Schultz BS PA – Franklin
Luke S. Schultz BSBA PA – Franklin
Regan G. Seville BS PA – Franklin
Chase E. Shaffer BS PA – Franklin
Ranjit Singh BSBA PA – Franklin
Holden R. Smith BS PA – Franklin
Tayler Summers BSBA PA – Franklin
Tayler Summers UCRT PA – Franklin
Jeremy M. Telesky BSBA PA – Franklin
Kyra Thomas  BS PA – Franklin
Thomas A. Thrush BSBA PA – Franklin
Tyler G. Thuahnai BSBA PA – Franklin
Lilly G. Tiska BA PA – Franklin
Lilly G. Tiska BS PA – Franklin
Noah J. Tolleson BS PA – Franklin
Emma G. Trate BA PA – Franklin
Harley W. Turner BSBA PA – Franklin
Seth A. Turner BSW PA – Franklin
Owen W Tytus BS PA – Franklin
Brandon K. Ulrich BS PA – Franklin
Elizabeth A Warford BA PA – Franklin
Nathaniel J. Widmann BSBA PA – Franklin
Adeline E Williams BA PA – Franklin
Sarah E. Wink BS PA – Franklin
Trevor L Wiser BS PA – Franklin
Trevor L Wiser UCRT PA – Franklin
Connor J. Woodcock BSBA PA – Franklin
Mason C. Younker BSBA PA – Franklin
Zada M Lynch BS PA – Fulton
Grace M. Mosemann BSED PA – Fulton
Skye L Ritz BS PA – Fulton
Keyanna J Simmons BA PA – Fulton
Gabriel L. Stotler BS PA – Fulton
Ryder J Hileman BSBA PA – Huntingdon
Abigayle C. Hollibaugh BS PA – Huntingdon
Faith K. Lake BSED PA – Huntingdon
Tyler M Rhodes BSBA PA – Huntingdon
Abigail G. Ruby BSED PA – Huntingdon
Emma M Watkins BSED PA – Huntingdon
Cohen L Woodward BS PA – Huntingdon
Raylynn M Hupp BS PA – Juniata
Raylynn M Hupp UCRT PA – Juniata
Garry Price BS PA – Juniata
Garry Price UCRT PA – Juniata
Paige A Smith BSED PA – Juniata
Paige A Smith UCRT PA – Juniata
Harrison J. Mann BA PA – Lackawanna
Hannah J. Bishop BS PA – Lancaster
Jocelyn R Branco BS PA – Lancaster
Brighid A. Cantwell BS PA – Lancaster
Daniel C. Conway BS PA – Lancaster
Tyler R. Crespo BA PA – Lancaster
Margaret E. DeStephano BA PA – Lancaster
Yasir S. Faraj BS PA – Lancaster
Ian D. Farmer BSBA PA – Lancaster
Andrea Ferrarelli BS PA – Lancaster
Rachel Fuhrman BA PA – Lancaster
Elizabeth M. Gics BSED PA – Lancaster
Ryan D Glenlast BSBA PA – Lancaster
Dorian M. Grimes BS PA – Lancaster
Lydia H Heisey BSBA PA – Lancaster
Rachael P. Johnson BSBA PA – Lancaster
Jordyn Kendig BA PA – Lancaster
Keelan A. Kirchner BSW PA – Lancaster
Mackenzie L. Martzall BA PA – Lancaster
Kayla M. Mills BS PA – Lancaster
Angela M. Pensyl BA PA – Lancaster
Angela M. Pensyl UCRT PA – Lancaster
Thomas J. Prusak BS PA – Lancaster
Darien M. Ressler BSBA PA – Lancaster
Austin R. Snyder BSBA PA – Lancaster
Katelyn R. Struminger BS PA – Lancaster
Josiah D. Vieland BS PA – Lancaster
Josiah D. Vieland BSED PA – Lancaster
Lexington H. Wagner BSED PA – Lancaster
Elijah M. Warren BS PA – Lancaster
Deziree N. Balthaser BSBA PA – Lebanon
Hunter T. Boltz BSBA PA – Lebanon
Madison C Houston BA PA – Lebanon
Gavin B. Lodish BSBA PA – Lebanon
Ryan D Miller BSBA PA – Lebanon
Ryder J. Rohrer BSBA PA – Lebanon
Ryan J. Scicchitano BSBA PA – Lebanon
Azariah J. Atiyeh BSBA PA – Lehigh
Michael T. Frank BS PA – Lehigh
Madison S Hosler BA PA – Lehigh
Logan N McAllister BSED PA – Lehigh
Philicia D. McArthur BS PA – Lehigh
Calvin J. Niewind BS PA – Lehigh
Eric Njenga BSBA PA – Lehigh
Abdulqudus O. Ojulari-Sulyman BSBA PA – Lehigh
Jack M. Palumbo BS PA – Lehigh
Ryan J Rushe BS PA – Lehigh
Mikayla M Greech BS PA – Luzerne
Austin J. Pliska BS PA – Luzerne
Lauren Reidinger BA PA – Luzerne
Matthew M. Beard BS PA – Lycoming
Kortnie M Chamberlain BS PA – Lycoming
Wyatt J. DeWald BSBA PA – Lycoming
Kai M. Felix BS PA – Lycoming
Dana P. Hartman BSBA PA – Lycoming
Riley S. Shaffer BSBA PA – Lycoming
Gwendolyn N. Elsey BSBA PA – Mercer
Rylie E. Traxler BA PA – Mifflin
Dayna L. Gimblet BSBA PA – Monroe
Bryce X. Hampton BS PA – Monroe
Kaitlyn J. Murray BSBA PA – Monroe
Gavin M. Andrus BS PA – Montgomery
Alexander M. Black BS PA – Montgomery
Allie K. Christman BS PA – Montgomery
Connor M. Crawford BS PA – Montgomery
Joseph W. Czarkowski BSBA PA – Montgomery
Sophia Devoll BS PA – Montgomery
Cody R. Elliott BSBA PA – Montgomery
Emily A. Fonash BA PA – Montgomery
Leah Hueber BSBA PA – Montgomery
Naia A. Kasee BSBA PA – Montgomery
Nikolaus Kent BS PA – Montgomery
Piper E. Kull BA PA – Montgomery
Jake O’Donnell BA PA – Montgomery
Madison E. Peletsky BA PA – Montgomery
Jeremy D. Perna BS PA – Montgomery
Lauren M. Richardson BA PA – Montgomery
Jillian A. Russell BS PA – Montgomery
Rachel H. Shapiro BSED PA – Montgomery
Jessica L. Sobieski BSBA PA – Montgomery
Hayley B. Taggart BA PA – Montgomery
Emily E. Toth BSED PA – Montgomery
Celia R. Turnquist BA PA – Montgomery
Alexis M. Chordas BSED PA – Northampton
Briana Abigail R. Czarnecki BS PA – Northampton
Sierra A. Gerencher BA PA – Northampton
Sarah A. Loh BA PA – Northampton
Margaret L. McGuire BA PA – Northampton
Samantha M. Taylor BS PA – Northampton
Pat VanPell BSBA PA – Northampton
Cody M. Weber BSBA PA – Northampton
Marcus A. Weber BSBA PA – Northampton
Isabella R Weikert BS PA – Northampton
Nathaniel J. Crowl BS PA – Northumberland
Mackenzie R Good BSBA PA – Northumberland
Lauren M. Kearney BSED PA – Northumberland
Alyssa L Strocko BA PA – Northumberland
Haley C. Caldwell BSBA PA – Perry
Victoria L Carroll BS PA – Perry
Victoria L Carroll UCRT PA – Perry
Andy Farner BSBA PA – Perry
Cori J. Ritter BA PA – Perry
Caden M. Sutch BA PA – Perry
Benjamin V. Wagner BS PA – Perry
Zymir N. Allen-Williams BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Monica Barefield BA PA – Philadelphia
Gabriella M. Brunkel BS PA – Philadelphia
Neilia M Fairfax BA PA – Philadelphia
Dajah M. Freeman BSW PA – Philadelphia
Chyna C Graham BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Deja D. Green BS PA – Philadelphia
Tamara C Hightower BA PA – Philadelphia
K’nya N. Holmes BA PA – Philadelphia
Tareef D Howell BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Bryon A. Jordan BA PA – Philadelphia
Kadija H Kondeh BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Justin J Lamanna BS PA – Philadelphia
Raja Mitchell BS PA – Philadelphia
Jimmie Natee BS PA – Philadelphia
Samaya Sharper BS PA – Philadelphia
Jessica M. Sykes BA PA – Philadelphia
Shamyah Washington BA PA – Philadelphia
Alannah D Williams BS PA – Philadelphia
Zikeyah Y. Yeargin BSBA PA – Philadelphia
Jacqueline R. Actisdano BSED PA – Pike
Hope C. Daisley BS PA – Potter
Sara E. Mckean BSBA PA – Potter
Adam J. Beam BA PA – Schuylkill
Brooke Curran BA PA – Schuylkill
Austin Heydt BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Troy M Oswald BSBA PA – Schuylkill
Logan P. Sherman BSW PA – Schuylkill
Karlie E. Zelinsky BS PA – Schuylkill
Karlie E. Zelinsky UCRT PA – Schuylkill
Jose D. Lopez BSED PA – Snyder
Mark A. McKenzie BS PA – Somerset
Christian D. Ostrander BSED PA – Somerset
Nicholas J Ricci BS PA – Tioga
Anton S Permyashkin BSBA PA – Union
Faith E. Ames BS PA – Venango
Faith E. Ames UCRT PA – Venango
Madison A. Cornelius BS PA – Venango
Madison R. Cole BA PA – Westmoreland
Abigail L. Snyder BSED PA – Westmoreland
Alyssa J. Tomb BS PA – Westmoreland
Alyssa J. Tomb UCRT PA – Westmoreland
Darius L. Anderson BSBA PA – York
Braden M. Atkinson BSBA PA – York
Andrew M. Baldwin BSBA PA – York
Cole V Bankert BS PA – York
Shelby T. Bowers BSED PA – York
Brooke A. Boyer BSBA PA – York
Jacob M. Brodeur BSBA PA – York
Jalen E. Brownson BA PA – York
Alyssa M. Bunnell BSED PA – York
Spencer M Burnheimer BSED PA – York
Tanner A Canfield BSBA PA – York
Trenton D Clouser BSBA PA – York
Hannah M. Culp BA PA – York
Nicole Daudelin BA PA – York
Nicole Daudelin UCRT PA – York
Blake K. Davis BSBA PA – York
Krysthal M. Delgado BSED PA – York
Allison Devlin BA PA – York
George N. Drivas BS PA – York
Jordan L. Dube BSED PA – York
Emily B. Dziennik BA PA – York
Richard Eshleman BS PA – York
Derek Ferguson BSBA PA – York
Evan G. Gross BSBA PA – York
Madelynn E. Gruber BSED PA – York
Alexander P Haag BA PA – York
Cayden Healy BSBA PA – York
Cole A Hill BSBA PA – York
Rosemary E. Jermyn BA PA – York
Evan D Kerchner BS PA – York
Evan D Kerchner UCRT PA – York
Brandon M. Leitzel BSBA PA – York
Steven A. Matheson-Reid BSBA PA – York
Cole R McKowen BA PA – York
Cole R McKowen BSBA PA – York
Austin T. Michali BSBA PA – York
Ethan Miscavige BSBA PA – York
Christopher P Moss BS PA – York
Drake N Myers BSED PA – York
Jack Myers BS PA – York
Brittany Myrick BA PA – York
Dakota R Neiman BS PA – York
Dakota R Neiman UCRT PA – York
Bryce J. Oberdick BSBA PA – York
Eric A. Oliver BS PA – York
Giovanna N. Osorio Abanto BS PA – York
Luke M. Parker BS PA – York
Nayely Pena BA PA – York
Jeremy J Raymundo BSBA PA – York
Kenneth A. Rhyne BS PA – York
Pierce M. Romey BA PA – York
Adam H. Rothermel BSBA PA – York
Kierstan Spangler UCRT PA – York
Kirsten R. Taylor BA PA – York
Riley D. Tempera BSBA PA – York
Tyler H. Thompson BSED PA – York
Travis J. Weaver BA PA – York
Nathan J. Weldon BS PA – York
Alexis N. White BS PA – York
Cody Willoughby BSBA PA – York
Lilia K. Wiltshire BA PA – York
Ryan M Yeager BS PA – York
Lea E. Youngman BA PA – York
Adam Zaami BS PA – York
Madelyn G. McDermott BS MD – Anne Arundel
Grace A Palmieri BA MD – Anne Arundel
Emily N. Fenwick BS MD – Baltimore
Sarah C Lutz BSED MD – Baltimore
Payton J. Margerum BSBA MD – Baltimore
Jessica A. Silverman BA MD – Baltimore
Connor Livingston BS MD – Carroll
Caroline C. Mastria BS MD – Carroll
Caroline C. Mastria UCRT MD – Carroll
Jacob A Shiber BS MD – Cecil
Satchel Ball BA MD – Charles
Patrick R. Beckman BSBA MD – Frederick
Sophia I. Brusco BSBA MD – Frederick
Kayla R. Dalhouse BA MD – Frederick
Kayla R. Dalhouse UCRT MD – Frederick
Riley J. Duckhorn BS MD – Frederick
Kelsey R. Krainaker BA MD – Frederick
Kelsey R. Krainaker UCRT MD – Frederick
Joshua M Miller BSBA MD – Frederick
Keersten Myers BS MD – Frederick
Molly E. Sapp BSED MD – Frederick
Dalton J. Shifflett BSBA MD – Frederick
Emily K. Palmerton BSED MD – Howard
Ebrahima B. Cham BSBA MD – Montgomery
Maada Kposowa BSBA MD – Montgomery
Samantha M. Wallace BS MD – Montgomery
Christopher J. Jones BSBA MD – Prince George’s
Rachel M. Johnston BS MD – St. Mary’s
Tristan A. Reeside BS MD – Talbot
Austyn B. Ardinger BS MD – Washington
Riley E. Gladhill BSBA MD – Washington
Madison E. Griffith BA MD – Washington
Alexia G. Kellerman BA MD – Washington
Olivia D Kirby BA MD – Washington
Eric X. Medina BS MD – Washington
Gabriel G Pinacho BA MD – Washington
Leslie Taylor BS MD – Washington
Leslie Taylor UCRT MD – Washington
Gabrielle Bilow BA DE – Kent
Kelsie E Burawski BSBA DE – Kent
Marissa A. Bittner BS DE – New Castle
Jada Dawson-Ali BSBA DE – New Castle
Bergslyne Thomas BA DE – New Castle
Bergslyne Thomas UCRT DE – New Castle
Mike Brewer BS DE – Sussex
Mya R. Kemp BS DE – Sussex
Mason L Stokes BS NJ – Atlantic
Jared Achuff BS NJ – Camden
Lindsay D. Tripodo BA NJ – Camden
Chloe M. Prettyman BA NJ – Cape May
Mikayla R Germek BSBA NJ – Monmouth
Michael P. Ardise BA NJ – Ocean
Jake M DeLuccia BSBA NJ – Passaic
Skylar K. Walder BS NJ – Passaic
Ray W. Winter BSBA NY – Queens
Sophia A. Smith BS WV – Jefferson
Sophia A. Smith UCRT WV – Jefferson

Caitlin P. Sweeney

BSED WV – Jefferson
Allie Keeling BA CA – San Bernardino
Imani J. Nixon BA DC-District Of Columbia
Giannicola Ferrarelli BSBA FL-Manatee
Natasha L. Mazzone BS IL-Cook

Margaret B. Hackler

BS MA – Middlesex

Margaret B. Hackler

UCRT MA – Middlesex
Samuel Johnson BA


Kendra E Barlow BSED


Austin J Baal BSBA SC-Union
Kyle Whippen BSBA VA – Arlington
Eric J. Bohenek BSBA VA – Fairfax
Michael A. Salvatori BA VA – Fairfax
Grace M. Dykes BSED VA – Loudoun
Toni E. Jones BS VA – Franklin City
Hadeel K. Alsuhaibani BSED Saudi Arabia
Carter G. Arbuthnot BSBA Canada
John B. Arensmeyer BSBA *Out Of State
Courtney Campbell BSED *Out Of State
Lauren G. Bamford BSED
Alyssa R. Collins BSW
Miguel Gaetan Colon