On the heels of their third successful event in 2020, Ship Story Slam is excited to announce the remainder of our 2019-2020 season. Especially during this time of uncertainty and social distancing, metaphorically coming together for evenings of camaraderie and entertainment over shared stories that reveal and celebrate our commonalities is more important than ever.

Ship Story Slam is a monthly open microphone event for attendees to take the stage and tell a true and personal story based on that month’s theme or simply sit back and enjoy the show. The series is part of the growing regional offering of storytelling events that began in West Chester in 2010 and has grown to include story slams in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg. Fans of The Moth, NPR’s This American Life, or the art of storytelling will love having this monthly event on their calendar.

Ship Story Slam committee member Hannah Nawa said, “Story Slam is an opportunity to spend time celebrating the human condition. We share stories to bring our entire community closer together.”

Shippensburg University’s executive director of Student Retention and December 2019 Ship Story Slam winner Rochelle Plummer said “I wholeheartedly enjoyed Ship Story Slam. I found it to be a wonderful opportunity for self-enhancement.” When asked about the experience of winning a Slam, she added, “I didn’t win because of what others thought of my story, but because I had the courage to face this challenge. My participation enabled me to be limitless!”

Upcoming dates and themes include “In Bloom” on April 9, “Don’t Tell Mom” on March 14, and “Road Trip” on June 11. Due to the current shelter-in-place regulations, events will take place online beginning at 7 p.m. using the free Zoom platform (https://ship.zoom.us/j/757073874).  To register to tell a story at a live online event or view video of past events, visit shipstoryslam.org.