As of today, October 29, 2020, Shippensburg University has had 73 reported positive COVID-19 cases. The University has 29 active cases currently. 


As the community prepares for Halloween, we ask that all students, faculty and staff consider mitigation practices this holiday:

Planning your weekend, please keep in mind the various rules and regulation set down by the CDC, Governor Wolf, and the University to mitigate risk and minimize exposure to COVID-19. Please be mindful of the Raider Respect Pledge and the responsibility that each individual has to the SU community.

Please avoid larger gatherings, where close contact and risk of exposure to COVD-19 becomes much greater.

Wear your masks over your nose! (cloth masks in addition to your costume masks!)

Keep 6 feet apart. Please keep Social Distancing in mind as you go about your Halloween activities.

START PLANNING FOR NOVEMBER 20th: When planning for the end of the semester, students should plan on getting an asymptomatic test before heading home. Please call the Etter Wellness Center at x1458 to book your appointment between November 10th and November 17th.

ASYMPTOMATIC TESTING: The University continues to invite a random selection of students to participate in Asymptomatic Testing every week. These tests will require 48-72 hours for results. If a student is invited, they will receive an e-mail from the SU COVID Office. A different sampling of students will be invited to participate each week.  It is highly recommended and encouraged that students take advantage of this voluntary testing initiative.

Asymptomatic testing is available for ALL students free of charge and is highly recommended and encouraged. If a student is interested, please contact the Etter Student Wellness Center to make an appointment. X1458. At this time, ASYMPTOMATIC TEST WILL BE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

SYMPTOMATIC TESTING: Etter/WellSpan continues to test for symptomatic students. WellSpan works with each student who arrives and is exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection. Some students may not qualify for the symptomatic tests in accordance with medical protocol and their presenting symptoms/illness, but can request an asymptomatic test at that time. Symptomatic tests are administered to students who present symptoms in line with COVID-19 infection. At this time, SYMPTOMATIC TEST WILL BE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Since August 20, 2020 we are up to 1237 total tests. 379 symptomatic and 858 asymptomatic. We have had 31 symptomatic positives and 32  asymptomatic positives from Etter Student Wellness Center with 1174 negative tests. The ten other positive cases were self-reported after testing off-campus. All testing, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic on our campus is purely voluntary but highly recommended and encouraged, in accordance with State System (PASSHE) directives.

WellSpan follows notification procedures in accordance with the PaDOH (reporting through PA-NEDSS, an electronic database that relays information to the CDC and PA DoH). We are committed to carrying out all PaDOH recommended guidance to help us fulfill our mission of educational excellence and opportunity while promoting the health and well-being of our campus family, community, and region.   

Please visit the Health & Well-being dashboard of the Navigate Fall 2020 Website for additional information.  All members of the Shippensburg family are urged to visit the Raider Respect webpage to download the Campus Shield self-monitoring app and  to find information on COVID-19 exposure, positive COVID-19 cases and case investigation. 

On Mondays and Thursdays, the COVID-19 office will email updates on case counts and necessary protocols. The case count will be updated every weekday on the Health & Well-being webpage. At any time, find the latest updates on tackling COVID-19 together at