As of September 18, 2021, Shippensburg University has 85 reported positive COVID-19 cases since August 1 with 42 active cases among campus community members. We ask everyone to be diligent in wearing their masks and exercising caution while interacting with others, especially indoors. Every positive case can affect many other students/faculty and staff, often requiring them to also enter into quarantine or isolation. Across the country and across campus we are witnessing interruptions in services because employee ranks are diminished after they are required to isolate or quarantine. The best tools in limiting risks of exposure and infection remain wearing a mask and getting fully vaccinated!

A    VACCINATIONSAre you a fully vaccinated student? Please send proof of vaccination to our Etter Health Center so that we can get a better sense of what percentage of our student community is vaccinated. Proof of vaccination may be submitted directly to the Etter Health Center or uploaded at:  

A   ASYMPTOMATIC TESTING: The University continues to randomly select non-vaccinated resident students for participation in Asymptomatic Testing every week. Test results are returned in 48-72 hours. Selected students will receive an e-mail from the SU COVID Office. A different random sampling of students is conducted each week.

Asymptomatic testing is available for ALL students, staff and faculty free of charge and is highly recommended and encouraged. Asymptomatic testing is available at the R3 Testing Center which is located in room 121 of the CUB Union building.

2   SYMPTOMATIC TESTING: The Etter Student Health Center continues to test for symptomatic students. Etter staff works with each student who arrives and is exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection. Symptomatic tests are administered to students who present symptoms in line with COVID-19 infection. Some students may not qualify for symptomatic tests in accordance with medical protocol but can request an asymptomatic test at that time.

All testing, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic on our campus is highly recommended and encouraged! 

POSITIVE REPORTING: If you know of a student, staff or faculty member who has tested Positive for COVID-19, please have them contact the COVID Office at or call the office at (717)477-1007. The more information we have, the better we can mitigate the risk of spread and safeguard the well-being of all in our SU community. Reporting a COVID-19 positive diagnosis is an act of positive community support, and there are no negative repercussions to self-reporting.

Our testing facilities follow notification procedures in accordance with the PaDOH (reporting through PA-NEDSS, an electronic database that relays information to the CDC and PaDoH). We are committed to carrying out all PaDOH recommended guidance to help us fulfill our mission of educational excellence and opportunity while promoting the health and well-being of our campus family, community, and region.

At any time, find the latest updates on tackling COVID-19 together at  where you can find additional information on COVID-19 exposure, positive COVID-19 cases, and case investigation. The Dashboard will be updated twice a week starting September 20th to keep our community better informed.

Thank you for your continued support,

SU COVID-19 Staff