Please read the important safety information below from the Shippensburg University Police Department.  Be safe and be well.

Shippensburg University has adopted the Run, Hide, Fight program as part of the University’s ongoing commitment to the safety of those who are on our campuses to learn, live, work and visit. Unfortunately, violent attacks in schools and workplace settings are unpredictable.  Acts of violence continue to make headlines across the nation, so it is important to create a plan and know what to do before being confronted in an emergency.

Immediately choose the best way to protect your life. Very quickly, make your best determination of what is occurring and which of the options below will provide the greatest degree of security for you employing the “RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT” protocol:


— Have an escape route and plan in mind.

— Make sure it is safe to leave the area you are in. Use your eyes and ears to determine if it is safe

— Leave your belongings behind.

— Keep your hands visible.

— Once in a safe place, call police and give detailed information about what is happening. Don’t assume someone else has already called the police.


— If unable to run from the danger, your second option should be to hide.

— Find a place that’s out of the attacker’s sight and remain quiet.

— Do not huddle together, because it makes an easy target.

— Lock and barricade doors and shut off lights.


— Fighting is a last resort to be used only when your life is in imminent danger.

— Find an object to use as a weapon, such as a fire extinguisher, backpack, book or chair.

— Attempt to incapacitate the attacker; commit to your actions; work with others.

The following link depicts an active attack scenario on a college campus created by Penn State University:  Run, Hide, Fight Surviving an Active Attacker – YouTube 

Any questions, please contact our Shippensburg University Police Department at 717-477-1444.

Department of Human Resources

Shippensburg University